Stick to Your “Healthy Living” Resolution!

Tessie Pikula 

The Paw Print

For many of us, every year there comes a time when one decides that he or she is going to start “living healthier.” Maybe it’s a New Year’s Resolution, something to promise during the Lenten season, or just a reminder of the summer season coming. It’s an easy thing to say, but not always the easiest thing to stick with.

First off, let’s define what “healthy living” really consists of. Keep in mind that everyone is entitled to his or her own definition, but for me, such a phrase consists of a well-balanced diet, regular physical activity, and a healthy, happy mind. For those who have made such principles into habits, keeping up with a resolution such as this may not seem as difficult. With that said, it’s only going to come easy when he or she makes these three pieces habitual, and that’s what’s hard for many to do.

An average college student has a lot on the everyday agenda: classes, homework, work, maybe tutoring, errands, and so on. It almost seems impossible for one to dedicate a certain amount of time to living as healthy as one wants. This is where time management comes in- as if a college student hasn’t heard that enough.

Meal planning is a very handy and practical method to avoid resolving to fast food, pick-up, or frozen dinners, especially on those never-ending days. This is something that can be done every weekend before the new week of school and work comes back around.  Several meals marked for each day may be cooked and/or prepped to be stored in the refrigerator until eaten on its marked day. Not only will this save time, but will also provide the necessary daily nutrients one needs.

While we may be able to save time with meal preparation, we will need to make time during the week to exercise. An easy way to squeeze in some physical activity throughout the day is walking. Now that the weather is warming up in Alamosa, it’s a great time to start walking or biking to classes. Being outside is also a great way to keep the mind healthy and happy as it is a great stress reliever.

All ASU students can workout for free at the Rex Center, and what college student doesn’t love the word “free?” It has an appropriate time schedule for weekdays and weekends that allow students to come in early morning or later in the evening if classes or work gets in the way. If time isn’t the issue but actually getting oneself to go is, find a workout partner. This can be a friend, classmate, boyfriend/girlfriend, or whoever is motivated like you to workout regularly. Pick what days and times work for the both of you, and meet up at those times weekly. This can serve the mind some good as well as you have fun with your partner and continue to push each other in your workouts.

If for some reason one of you two can’t make the time to meet up, there’s nothing wrong with going on your own. Sure, it might be a little tougher, but text your workout buddy what you got done to keep yourself motivated. For the “selfie” kings and queens out there, here is another time to shine by posting a “selfie” of you working out. The more you make working out a “thing,” the more likely you will follow up with it and maintain your resolution.

Overall, the more you commit yourself to something, the easier it will come with time. Eat well, live well, and live happy. is powered by WordPress µ | Spam prevention powered by Akismet