Slam Dunk Video Goes Viral

ALAMOSA (November 8) – During a slam dunk contest, Joshua Kioh, Adams State University sophomore, performed an alley oop, raced up and jumped high, spun in a 360 and slammed dunked the ball – bringing the audience to their feet. Kelly Hillick, Adams State senior, caught it all on film.
Hillick, an intern for the Athletic Department, videos athletic events, caught Kioh on film during the Basketball Program’s annual Basketball Bash.
A mass communications major, Hillick posted the video. By the next morning, October 31, it was going viral. A link to the video is on over a 50 sites including ESPN, CBS Sports, Fox Sports, Sports Watch, Sports Grid, Bleacher Report, and Sports Yahoo.
Hillick said it feels pretty awesome to know she filmed a very popular video. “I think it’s awesome that people are watching my video. All my friends are excited for me, but Josh is the real story. I am just a college kid with a camera.”
Kioh, an accounting major, is on the junior varsity basketball team. He’s started playing the organized sport at the Community College of Denver and transferred to Adams State this semester. “I don’t see me as being famous,” he said. “I’m just a guy trying to get by.”
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