Senate elections Schduled for April 19,20

Toni Ortivez
The Paw Print

Most of spring semester, there have been revisions to the ASC campus constitution. However, over the next few weeks the election of new senate representatives will be held. The student senate is Adams State’s governing body and it must be maintained for the institution to function properly. Each year when positions open up, elections are held to determine the next leaders of our campus. Students who are elected become a vital part of how the campus is run and how ASC clubs are supported. Student involvement in this process is necessary for a functional student body.

 This year is no different from any other election year. There will be certain procedures that must be followed to fill positions and certain agendas that will be presented for analysis. For this election, all positions are open to candidates. Available executive positions include: president, vice-president of internal affairs, and vice president of external affairs.  Positions for the legislative branch include: student trustee and all senator positions.

Although the deadline for this year’s election is approaching quickly, certain procedures must be followed. Those interested in becoming a vital part of our campus have already begun working towards membership in the student senate by completing the following steps. First, the election packet, which is available at the Senate Office in the Student Life Center, must be completed and turned in Friday, April 9 by 5 p.m.  For those who wish to run for a legislative position, fifty signatures must have been obtained, while one hundred signatures are required for any executive position. The signatures, along with the candidate’s platform, must be turned in with the packet.

 Furthermore, candidates are required to attend the AS&F Government meeting held April 12. This meeting will determine whether or not candidacy is approved for the ballot. For the approved candidates, campaigning will be one week long and elections will be held April 19 and 20. At this point, the student body becomes responsible for the future of the candidates by voting. After the votes are tallied, the election commission will approve the candidates and their term will begin. Training will be held next fall at the AS&F Government Retreat, which takes place in August.

Although this process may seem arduous, it is necessary to find out who will be the best choice for our student government by demonstrating to the student body their motivation, involvement, and commitment.  Student’s concerned with aspects of ASC which they feel need improvement or attention, should follow the elections. An educated vote is necessary for the best candidate to be elected. For any questions regarding this process or to obtain an election packet contact  Good luck to the candidates, and may the best candidate be our student representative for the next term. is powered by WordPress µ | Spam prevention powered by Akismet