Senate Approves Revision to Poster Policy in Constitution

James Williams
The Paw Print

The Associated Student and Faculty Senate of Adams State College held the first of two meetings for the month of October on Monday night with a shorter agenda than previous meetings, but still presided over a couple of important proceedings.
In the only matter of old business on the agenda, the committee in charge of revising the controversial poster policy presented the revisions that were reviewed and approved by the President’s Cabinet Meeting on Wednesday afternoon.
Said President David Svaldi, “If this proposed policy has passed through AS&F, and the students approve of it, then it’s fine from my perspective.”
The committee, led by Dr. David Mazel, Department Chair of English, Theatre, and Communications, and consisting of Sen. Kathleen Wilson, Rep. Barbi Taylor, and student Micah Anderson, revised the poster policy to only regulate the time, place, and manner, within the First Amendment, upon which posters and flyers can be posted.
“Our main goal was to ensure that nobody’s First Amendment rights were violated, including the community’s,” said Sen. Wilson.
Under the proposed revisions, the use of “The Rock” near the ES building will be made available for use by the community, provided that it isn’t reserved for campus use at the time. The bulletin boards will be cleared out at the end of each semester, and the proposed revisions will be enforced by the Office of Student Affairs, the Office of Housing and Residence Life, and the College Center staff.
In other news, AS&F announced that they have launched a new website with various student government related links and information. The website also has a section devoted to future recordings of AS&F meetings to be filmed and uploaded to YouTube, but current technological difficulties have forced those plans to be put on hold for the time being. The address can be found at
Vice President of External Affairs Kenny Scally announced that the previous decision to table the possible name change to Adams State University will continue to be postponed, according to the Board of Trustees meeting held on Oct. 8.
“The Board of Trustees feels it would be best to wait until some of the funding and other issues regarding higher education in Colorado get cleared up before moving forward with that decision,” said Scally.
During the part of the meeting reserved for student concerns, the concern was raised that because of the new “social” atmosphere in the library, the addition of classes meeting in the library, and the continued presence of That Coffee Guy, the only quiet place to study on campus during the day does not exist anymore, and those who want to study don’t really have anywhere quiet to go. AS&F took note of this concern.
Senate meetings will occur every other Monday night throughout the course of the school year, and conclude with an open session regarding student concerns. The next AS&F Senate meeting will be on Oct. 25 at 6 p.m. in the Business building, room 142, and is open to the public. is powered by WordPress µ | Spam prevention powered by Akismet