Scholar of the Week: March 22

Rachel Decker
The Paw Print
Nick Jurney, a junior transfer student at Adams State College, has been working hard since day one to get to where he is now. Jurney, 21, is a Mass Communications major. He transferred to Adams this year from Menlo College in California, and has hopes to graduate next year.
Jurney plans on applying for an internship at a news station on the east or west coast after graduating, with hopes to become a sports anchor or sports commentator in a big-league sports market.
“I would like to work in San Francisco or Florida for a couple of years, and then possible move to Denver in order to cover some of my longtime favorite sports teams here,” Jurney said when asked about his future plans. He says that his dream job is to be an anchor on Sports Center.
“I would also like to pursue a job as a commentator for NCAA and USA wrestling and work to make the sport of wrestling more mainstream and televised,” he added.
Jurney’s road to graduation has not been an easy one, but he has worked hard and overcome obstacles to achieve his goals. He has studied hard and applied himself, and though his college journey is close to being finished, he does not plan to relax just yet.
“I feel like I am successful in academics and specifically my area of concentration because I am passionate about what I do,” Jurney explained. “I always find time to do what I need to do.”
Jurney’s nominator, Dr. Beth Bonnstetter, chose Jurney because of his motivation and eagerness to learn and excel.
“He has a real spark to learn that stands out,” she explained. “He does good work, and he’s very motivated. It’s something I really admire. Nick is a great guy, and a good student. He deserves the recognition. I’ve only known him since the beginning of the school year, but he has impressed me”.
Bonnstetter believes that Jurney is so successful because he stays on top of his assignments. Jurney goes the extra mile with his education, which has helped him get this far. He is even working to get one of his class assignments published.
“If you want to be successful, show up,” Bonnstetter advises. “If students want to find success, they have to be engaged with the material, as well as those around them. If they make the effort to show up, just showing that you care will go a long way in making you successful. I am willing to work extra with students who put in the time and effort, like Nick did”.
Along with his passion for mass communications, Jurney also has a well-developed sense of humor.
When asked what his greatest accomplishment has been so far, he replied, “I’m extremely proud of my acquired ability of being able to remember dozens of quotes from hilarious movies and apply them to real life conversations.”
To help other students along the route to success, Jurney offers simple advice for others.
“Don’t waste your time with classes or activities that are stressful or not fun to you. Only do things that you enjoy doing.” is powered by WordPress µ | Spam prevention powered by Akismet