Scholar of the Week: February 16

Judith Martinez

Nathan Crites-Herren
The Paw Print

Crossing borders to realize her dreams, Judith Martinez has had a unique journey to academic excellence.  Martinez, originally from Chihuahua, Mexico came to Colorado with her parents while still in High School.  “Although I couldn’t speak English at the time, I wanted to prove to my brother that anything is possible,” commented Martinez “know look where I am!”
A sophomore, majoring in Graphic Design and Mass Communication with a Minor in Spanish, Martinez stays active in school as well as the community at large.  Actively participating in El Parnaso and the Newman Club, tutoring Spanish along with being an Adams State College representative of Hispanic Association of Colleges and Universities (HACU), Martinez also makes quality time for community service efforts by volunteering at Casa, which helps non-English speaking students transition into college.
Focusing on school and the community is the recipe for success that Martinez uses to balance her busy and sometimes hectic schedule.  “School is always first,” says Martinez.  But when school work seems to overwhelm her, she goes straight to her passions of playing sports and designing art.
Martinez’s mission throughout her education has been to prove to other Latinos that success in higher education is possible. “When I came to this country I didn’t know any English, so I want to be an example for Latinos who want to learn English and go to college,” said Martinez.
Although Martinez enjoys and engages in all her classes, she has the most fun in her art and design classes.  Art has always been a large part of her life, acting as a way to release frustrations her art is something that continues to keep her balanced. Currently, she is working on completing a jewelry design class which will increase her artistic abilities and scope.
The main Inspiration for Martinez’s continued success has been her family, namely her parents who sacrificed so much by bringing her to this country.  Often, children don’t understand the dedication and patience it takes to raise a child, and Martinez wants to convey to her parents how much she appreciates their combined sacrifices.
After graduation in 2015 Martinez plans to give back to her family, who has given so much to her.  Starting a successful and independent graphic design business in New York is her plan to do so. “New York is so diverse, and it is the perfect place to be on the cutting edge of the graphic design business,” said Martinez.
Dr. Eva E. Rayas-Solis, Assistant Professor of Spanish has helped Martinez in her transition from high school to college and continues to serve as an advisor and mentor.  “Judith is a unique student because of her limitless energy and enthusiasm showed by her desire to not only be involved in numerous clubs but to help the Latino population as a whole,” said Rayas.
The future shines bright for Martinez, who despite the challenges of learning a new language and leaving her native country of Mexico has managed to turn those challenges into profound learning opportunities. is powered by WordPress µ | Spam prevention powered by Akismet