Scholar of the Week: April 5

Rachel Decker
The Paw Print


Alondra Chaparro has been working hard to achieve in school, while also working hard at keeping up her activities off campus, as well as helping to raise her godson. Anyone who knows Alondra would agree that she gives “multi-tasking” a whole new meaning.
The 23-year-old scholar is majoring in Mass Communication/Radio Broadcasting, as well as minoring in Spanish. On top of her academic work, Alondra is also involved in the El Parnaso Spanish Club. El Parnaso serves the Adams State community as a window into the Spanish culture; it preserves both language and heritage in an academic setting.
“I really enjoy El Parnaso,” Alondra said. “It helps me with my Spanish minor, and it is just so much fun, and such a great environment. I’ve met a lot of good people through El Parnaso”.
A big part of Alondra’s life is her involvement with her home community of Center in the San Juan Community. She is the secretary for the Spanish Prayer Group there, as well as a member of the Parish Pastoral Counsel, the Parish Advisory Counsel, and the Parish Finance Counsel.
Overall, however, Alondra would say her greatest accomplishment so far has been supporting her hometown community and helping to raise her 5-year-old godson.
“He is a big part of me, and he is also a reason for me to graduate and keep going. My family and my community have done so much for me in order to succeed, and I am so grateful for them,” Alondra said.
Alondra hopes to work at the radio station Tri Color in Denver as a DJ, and she hopes to help the Hispanic community. Alondra also would like to assist Hispanic students in getting into college and furthering their education.
“It would be great if I could aid in their success,” Alondra said. “To be able to help others in the Hispanic community reach their own personal levels of success would be a huge accomplishment, and that is something I hope to achieve soon.”
A classmate of Alondra’s, who wishes to remain anonymous, had high praise for the hard-working Adams State student.
“She’s always so attentive in class, and she goes the extra mile. She helps others when they need it, and she always brings the conversations to a new level. It’s just so fun to be in class with her, because she makes our discussions so much more meaningful”.
Alondra did not achieve her success by sitting back and hoping to make the best of her education. She took charge, and has given her all during her time here at Adams, and she does not plan to cut back until she graduates.
“Work hard, no matter what,” Alondra advises. “Even if you don’t like a class, that’s okay. It will help you further down the road, and you never know if you will end up liking it in the end. If you can keep a good balance between school, outside life, and your personal life, you will have no trouble succeeding”.
Alondra said that even though some of her classes were not her favorite, the ultimate goal is her degree, and it is worth struggling through things you do not want to do, especially if your degree is for something that you love.
“Find something that makes you happy,” she says. “Find something you have a passion for, and something that you won’t want to quit on. Even if you fall down along the way, make sure you learn from your success and failure, and you will succeed in the end.” is powered by WordPress µ | Spam prevention powered by Akismet