Scholar of the Week: April 12

Rachel Decker
The Paw Print

Angela Prentiss is the definition of a successful, hard-working student. She has achieved many things so far in her college career, and the 19-year-old freshman is just getting started. Majoring in music, Angela has an impressive GPA of 3.91, and a full load of classes and extra-curricular activities, this week’s Student Scholar has impressed everyone around her.
Angela is involved with the Fellowship of Christian Athletes, NAFME, the American Choral Directors Association, music clubs, and hall council. She has also sung with her church, which she described as “an awesome, uplifting experience”. As a freshman, Angela has had the privilege to sing with the jazz band here at Adams.
“I love jazz and I have always wanted to sing with a live jazz band, so it has been a step closer to my dream”.
She also holds a job working in the Welcome Center, which she really enjoys.
“It definitely keeps me busy, but I love playing such a vital role in recruiting new students. Plus, I get to work with some amazing people”.
On top of all of this, Angela also attends sporting events, theatre productions, and music concerts. The rest of her free time is spent with her friends, taking pictures, going running, and singing.
“I love trying new things and I still have a lot to explore here at Adams”.
One of Angela’s biggest accomplishments was an opportunity to go to Nashville to record a Christmas album. Her passion is singing, and to be able to do something so important was a huge milestone in her life. Other things like singing at various coffee shops, and recording here on campus with her good friend Jeff Martin have also topped her list. However, to Angela, some of the greatest accomplishments so far have been the little things along the way.
“I love helping people,” Angela said. “When I am able to be encouraging to someone, that is a huge accomplishment for me. I try to find a balance of school and friendships. I always strive to do well in school, but I try to care for others in the midst of it because people are more important than any grade on a test”.
After graduation, Angela hopes to do something with her passion for jazz. Traveling is also appealing to her, so she said one of her dream jobs would be a jazz singer on a cruise ship. Other than that, Angela just wants to be able to do what she loves, which involves her voice.
“I want to try a lot of things, so I plan to explore my options. But whatever I choose, I know that I will be doing something musically”.
Angela’s nominator, Professor Peter Anderson, did not hesitate when selecting Angela as Student Scholar.
“She has been in my classes both semesters this year, and she has been such a wonderful student,” he said. “She maintains a level of enthusiasm and good cheer all the time, which makes class more pleasant. She has worked really hard so far, and I know she will continue to do so. She not only works hard in my class, but in everything she does. She has so much compassion for life, and I know that whatever she chooses to do, she will succeed”.
Angela attributes her success in college to her desire to do well in everything she does. She pushes through the tough academic struggles and has been able to see past the obstacles. She says that she would not have come this far without God’s help and strength. Angela is in the exact middle of seven kids, and she says that has helped her become assertive and develop a voice of her own. Not only is she self-driven and a hard worker, she is also paying for college on her own, which she says is a motivator itself.
Angela attends regular study sessions for most of her classes, and she says her friends have been a huge support group. Most importantly, though, Angela advises to never give up on what you want.
“You have to be determined to keep going no matter what,” Angela says. “Success is not about perfect grades or being at the top, but it’s about learning and taking note of the people around you along the way. It’s about bettering yourself and lifting up those around you.” is powered by WordPress µ | Spam prevention powered by Akismet