Roe vs. Wade: Government and Moral Decay

Collin Brooks

The Paw Print

On Thursday, January 22nd the 42nd anniversary of “Roe V Wade” fell upon the nation. As thousands marched for life and others protested, the government was busy with this subject.

After the recent elections, conservatives everywhere were excited about the overwhelming success Republicans had. It has now been made evident that this was hardly progress for Conservatives at all, as the GOP has proven to be more liberal than ever. A bill Republicans developed that would ban abortions after 20 weeks was pulled by Republican leaders one day before the anniversary. Instead, they replaced it with a bill that has been passed before and was killed in the Senate. The new bill that was pushed through on Thursday would prevent tax dollars from being spent on abortions. Republican women didn’t accept the first bill due to lack of protection for certain cases of rape and incest. Republican representative Renee Ellmers from North Carolina was quoted on the controversy Wednesday saying, “The issue becomes, we’re questioning the woman’s word. We have to be compassionate to women when they’re in a crisis situation.” The stark irony here is the lack of compassion for the girls who are being aborted. Being killed by your mother and her government, after no conviction of any kind, certainly constitutes a crisis situation. Yet, they receive no compassion. The Government has demonstrated its utter degradation and decay of any kind of moral conscience. Logic and morality have decayed in lawmakers, the very logic and morality that laws are supposed to legislate. This rapid decay is being seen regardless of which party has majority.

The bill was said to be in response to evidences that children can feel pain after twenty weeks development. Yet, again, compassion is redirected, not to the actual victims of this pain and violence and death, but to the women who bring it upon these victims. Of the roughly one million abortions that occur legally in this country every year, every one produces a victim; that victim is always a victim of violence and death. We now know that they are victims of pain too.

This “Roe V Wade” anniversary ought to demonstrate the grave reality to Conservatives everywhere that the GOP is bleeding. Significant human rights issues (like the right to life) and important objective moral decisions (like not killing children) have been transformed into simple social politics that can be dropped and manipulated in order to maintain votes and appear “progressive,” “diverse,” and “open-minded.” It has become more important to pander to women who champion rights to their lives, bodies and freedom, while simultaneously stripping their children of those very things, than it is to legislate any kind of objective moral principles.

Although this year’s anniversary seems to be as bleak as the original decision in 1973, there is perhaps some hope that the bill that was pushed through will be successful and will prevent thousands of Americans from betraying their moral convictions by being forced to financially fund these atrocities. The odds are against that. is powered by WordPress µ | Spam prevention powered by Akismet