Recycling at ASU Needs Your Help

Marty Jones                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            The Paw Print

Have you noticed the new recycling bins in the Nielsen Library and in Porter Hall?  On each floor are color-coded Kaleidoscope bins:  red for plastic bottles, green for aluminum cans, blue for white paper, and black for landfill (trash) items.  In addition, on the first floor of each building is a green bin for glass.  These new bins are part of a pilot project that is a collaboration of the EARTH group, Facilities Services, ASU Community Partnerships, and the two buildings.  For the project to be most successful, we need your help.  When you place recyclables into the bins, please sort them correctly and remove lids/excess liquid.  Put only trash into the landfill container.  If you’re an avid recycler, talk to your faculty and staff in the other buildings and mention to them that you’d really like to have new bins throughout the campus to make it more convenient to recycle.  For now, every building has at least some labeled containers to permit recycling of plastic bottles and aluminum cans and every department office has bins for white paper.  Sorting of recyclables is crucial for those bins as well – please don’t put trash into recycling bins.

At the present, the city of Alamosa does not have single stream recycling.  Since the recyclables on our campus go directly to the city’s Rickey recycling center, it is imperative that the materials leave ASU already sorted according to the scheme at the city’s center.  The most efficient way to sort our materials is for you, the consumer, to discard the recyclable into the correct container.

Thanks for your help!  Together we can make ASU a more sustainable campus. is powered by WordPress µ | Spam prevention powered by Akismet