Real Madrid C.F. Introduces Newest “Pearl”: Lucas Silva

Steven Petrov

The Paw Print

The President of Real Madrid C.F. Florentino Perez has officially introduced the club’s newest signing, the 21 years-old Brazilian midfielder Lucas Silva. The young Brazilian’s talent has often been called “the new Kaka” due to the great similarity with his famous, older and very successful countrymen, Ricardo Issakson Dos Santos Leite –KAKA.

The youngster was bought from the Brazilian grand Cruzeiro Esporte Club for 14 million euros, and successfully passed the medical examinations on Monday, January 26th. His contract is for five and a half years ending in June 2020. The young and extremely exited Silva expressed his absolute happiness to be able to join his favorite club and that he will give his best in trying to help Real Madrid C.F. to win as many trophies as possible.

The Brazilian also talked about how it was his childhood dream to one day be able to put a Real Madrid’s jersey on and be part of the team. Lucas Silva didn’t forget to express his sincere gratitude to God, Cruzeiro’s manager, Real Madrid as a team, and his manager Jose Sanchez.

It was impressive to see how this young and talented player also mentioned how much more he has to develop and that he is fully ready to become the best he could be in the best club in the world.  Florentino Perez also didn’t spare any words in trying to motivate and further inspire his new signing by talking about the greatness of Real Madrid, that the club has an obligation in keeping the high standard of the club’s legends, Santiago Bernabeu, Alfredo Di Stefano, and that because the club always looks for new young talents out there it could help the team to excel even further.

He mentioned the phenomenal talent that Silva has and named him as one of the best Brazilians at the moment. After talking to the press, Perez then spoke directly to Silva, further explaining that the youngster will find many great and unique players in this club and that wearing the white jersey with Real Madrid’s logo on it is an absolute privilege and an absolute responsibility as well.

The young Silva also arrives on Santiago Bernabeu at a really crucial and defining moment for the season. The “whites” are currently in the fight for winning their 33rd Spanish Primera Division Championship, while they are also in the pursuit of winning the 11th UEFA Champions League title for the club. After winning the historical 10th (La Decima) last season, the club is now aiming at breaking another record, by being the 1st team in the history of the tournament to ever win the title two consecutive times. The young Brazilian will get the chance to win so many major trophies at such a young age; he should put every single second of his time to get better and have as bigger of an impact as he could. is powered by WordPress µ | Spam prevention powered by Akismet