President Svaldi’s Last Lecture at Adams State

Abbie Stillman
The Paw Print

President Svaldi delivered an absolutely phenomenal “Last Lecture” Wednesday evening. President Svaldi’s speech was about change; all the changes that occur in everyday life as well as in everyday life. While addressing the issues of today’s technology such as consistent use of cell phones, video games, television hours and so on, he also mentioned the positive changes that happen, including graduating high school, moving to school, beginning and ending future careers and more.
Svaldi added a great deal of humor in his lecture that was most appreciated by his audience. He made an excellent point to explain the word change by letter. C standing for courage; having the courage to go to college, to do what scares you, and the courage to stand up for what you believe in. H standing for humor; we use humor in our everyday life to deal with difficult situations as well as a bonding mechanism. A standing for acknowledge; acknowledge life, where you are in life and people around you in life. N standing for nurture; to nurture yourself as well as others. G standing for great; be great, strive for greatness. Svaldi went into a sad but touching story about his father and how he grew up. His father was orphaned at a young age and lived with a family who treated him far less than he deserved and, while he could’ve grown up full of hate, resentment and revenge, he decided to stay positive, happy and loving. A truly inspiring story with a message that a positive attitude can drive your life in a good direction to be filled with love and admiration. E standing for Enthusiasm, which was more than present throughout his entire lecture. Enthusiasm and End. Enthusiasm to live your life and discover your true joys and values in this life, which is so short. Svaldi gave the word change just a valuable and appreciative meaning for everyone who showed up. Knowing a good spot to end your lecture. Svaldi spoke of many historical figures who have changed history over time including Rosa Parks, Martin Luther King Junior, Maya Angelo and several others. He used these examples to express to his audience that us students can make a change in our lives and in the world. All it takes, which can be very scary and even more intimidating, is the ability to change, to seek change, and to be part of change. As he pointed out, we’ve already begun to change; we are choosing to be educated, we are facing our fears of potential failure or potential success.
Svaldi was then greatly thanked by multiple standing ovations from each and every individual present. Never have I witnessed such an inspiring speech that captivated every audience member. A standing ovation for the end of his lecture; another after all questions were answered and even more thank you’s were said. I have no doubt that more thank you’s and more comments were given once everyone was on their way out. is powered by WordPress µ | Spam prevention powered by Akismet