Preparing for the Holidays Through Stressful Times

Jessica Shawcroft
The Paw Print

It’s that time of year again! Cramming for tests, submitting assignments, finishing up the semester, and planning winter break!
On top of that, we have gifts to get, dorms to decorate, and Spring semester to prepare for! How do we keep it all together? I’ve found a few tips as I was looking through everything I still had to do, and I felt they would be useful to share.
Don’t try and be perfect! I know a lot of times we put stress on ourselves to have everything perfect for the holidays; maybe its finding that perfect gift or having the perfect decorations. Either way, we need to take a step back and look at what we have to get done. Find a lot of small gifts, or maybe one big one, rather than focusing on what would be perfect for our loved ones.
Another thing we can do is getting organized! This is hard for a lot of us. With school and work, planning family time, and maybe even time with our special someone, we run out of time! As we get ourselves organized we can focus on what needs to be done ASAP and what can wait a week or two. We have a few weeks before our holiday so we can plan out a night to go shopping for gifts and a night to get our school projects done. The more prepared we are the better off we’ll be!
A lot of us will be going out of town for the winter break so we have to plan our travel arrangements. I’d start now, if you haven’t already, that way you can find great discounts and deals! Also, before you go buying a bus ticket or planning out gas, see if a friend of yours is going. Carpooling will save you a lot of money!  Another thing to consider is your food supply. You’re going away for two weeks, most refrigerated food wont’ last that long. Clean out your fridge and hold off on purchasing any more food until you get back from vacation, or you may have a spoiled fridge!
I love to clean my house before I leave, that way when I return it’s already nice and clean! Make sure you clean up around the house, and leave a faucet dripping- just in case. I left for a week and returned home to a flooded dorm room! The pipes had frozen and exploded everywhere, it was not fun! If you have any friends that are staying back or could check up on your room, I’d suggest they do so. You may be able to avoid a catastrophe, like your room flooding.
Overall, remember to have fun! These are our days off to get away from school and enjoy our family! Before you know it, you’ll be back, busting your butt for A’s again, so take time to enjoy yourself! If you’re going somewhere warm, enjoy the weather! When you return, we’ll be freezing again! is powered by WordPress µ | Spam prevention powered by Akismet