Police Report: March 3- April 26

3/6/2010                        1458hrs                        Welfare Check            Coronado Hall                        Report

3/8/2010                                                Moving Violation            Murphy Street                        Report

3/10/2010            1925hrs                        Poss. Illegal Weapon            Coronado Hall                                Arrest/Open

3/11/2010            1100hrs                        Robbery/3rd Assault             Library Parking Lot            Arrest

3/12/2010            930hrs                        Ambulance Assist            Faculty Drive                        Report

3/12/2010            1200hrs                        Criminal Mischief             Art Building                        Report

3/12/2010            1100hrs                        Property Damage            SUB                                    Report

3/19/2010            1250hrs                        Trespassing            Girault Hall                         Arrest

3/21/2010            2300hrs                        MIP                        Plachy Hall                        Report

3/22/2010            1130hrs                        Civil Case            Conour Hall                        Report

3/22/2010            1400hrs                        Theft/Burglary            Girault Hall                        Report

3/24/2010            2105hrs                        Theft                        Girault Hall                        Report

3/25/2010            1900hrs                        Vandalism            Sunset & Stadium             Report

3/26/2010            1245hrs                        Harassment/D.V.            Houtchens Hall                        Arrest

3/26/2010            2000hrs                        Suspicious Person            Sunset & Murphy                        Report

3/26/2010            2110hrs                        Private Property Crash            Porter Hall Lot                        Report

3/27/2010                                    Agency Assist                                                Report

3/28/2010            1305hrs                        Hit and Run            Savage Parking Lot            Report

3/28/2010            1305hrs                        Criminal Mischief            Savage Parking Lot            Report

3/29/2010            730hrs                        Trespassing            School of Business            Report

3/29/2010            1900hrs                        Harassment            Nielsen Library                        Report

3/30/2010            1750hrs                        Ambulance assist            SUB/Cafeteria                        Report

3/30/2010            2310hrs                        Theft                        Nielsen Library                        Open

3/31/2010            1430hrs                        Theft                        Adventure Program            Open

4/6/2010                        1118hrs                        Suspicious Activity            Plachy Hall Gym                        Report

4/7/2010                        1200hrs                        Student Conduct            Girault Hall                        Report

4/8/2010                        0015hrs                        Underage Drinking            Girault Hall                        Arrest

4/9/2010                        100hrs                        FTA Warrant            ASC Campus                        Arrest

4/10/2010            0100hrs                        Posses. Drug Parap            Coronado Hall                        Arrest

4/11/2010            1240hrs                        Underage Drinking            Coronado Hall                        Arrest

4/11/2010            0220hrs                        Robbery/3rd assault            Sunset & Murphy                        Arrest

4/11/2010            1040hrs                        Property Damage            3rd & Richardson                         Open

4/12/2010            0745hrs                        Handgun Found            Faculty Drive                        Report

4/12/2010            1020hrs                        Theft                        Library                                    Open

4/12/2010            1130hrs                        Theft                        Bike Rack Coronado            Open

4/12/2010            1100hrs                        Vehicle Accident            Plachy Lot                        Report

4/12/2010            1530hrs                        Missing Child            Moffatt Hall                        Report

4/15/2010            1537hrs                        Assault/Resisting Officer            SUB Lot                                    Arrest

4/16/2010            0720hrs                        Vandalism            Faculty Drive                        Open

4/17/2010            1600hrs                        Ambulance Assist            Theatre Parking Lot            Report

4/17/2010            1730hrs                        Theft                        Conour Hall                        Report

4/19/2010            1100hrs                        Trespassing            SUB/Kitchen                        Open

4/19/2010            1300hrs                        Theft                        Girault                                    Report

4/19/2010            1710hrs                        Theft                        ES Building                         Open

4/21/3020            0745hrs                        Drug Paraph.            Library                                    Report

4/22/2010            0200hrs                        Willful dest. of wildlife             ASC South Campus            Open

4/22/2010            1145hrs                        Marijuana Paraph.             Coronado Hall                        Arrest

4/22/2010            1700hrs                        Harassment            South Campus                        Open

4/24/2010            0115hrs                        Arson                        Craig Dr. Dumpster            Open

4/25/2010            0150hrs                        Underage Drinking            North of Plachy Hall            Arrest

4/25/2010            0315hrs                        Overdose Pres. Meds            Coronado Hall                        Report

4/25/2010            0700hrs                        Criminal Mischeif            Girault-Bathroom                        Report

4/26/2010            2030hrs                        Witness Intimidation             Girault Hall                        Arrest

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