Paranormal Discovery Club

Becca Paez
The Paw Print

A group of freshman on campus have formed what we call the Paranormal Discovery Club. The members include: Club president Rachel Decker, Vice President Becca Paez, Jake Colvin, Natasha Vidger, DeeDee Delacruz and Jenn George.  Even though we’re not an official club, we still do our part to be involved on campus whenever we can. In fact, this past weekend we participated alongside the Nursing Department in the Haunted Hospital. We also had our own “Hauntings of Richardson Hall” tours.
We have poked around Richardson Theatre, ASC’s most haunted building on campus. You think its creepy during the day, its even creepier at night. During a couple of our wanderings, there was some activity. When asked about it, member Jenn George commented, “Well some things have happened in the theatre that’s a bit weird. Whether it’s cause of the ghosts or overactive imaginations I can’t say.”  When we asked member Jake Colvin why he joined he commented, “Well I like to confront scary things to face my fears.”
Our club is small and unnoticed, but we are hoping to get the word out. For more information about the club, please visit is powered by WordPress µ | Spam prevention powered by Akismet