P.O.E.T Club Hosts Open Mic Night- Passion Over All

Reuben Chavira
The Paw Print

Passion. Over. Every. Thing – Passion and creativity were at the forefront this past Sunday night, as the P.O.E.T. Club hosted its first open mic night. “An open mic to open minds,” was the motto for the night of expression and support. It was a time to relax and resist the urge to isolate ourselves in our room.
More than that, it was a time to break us out of the isolation of our minds. We tend to gravitate toward experiences that we are most familiar with, yet most of those who attended the P.O.E.T. Club open mic night had never been to one. Even still, they all left with feelings of inspiration, eager to return to the next open mic.     “I felt at home with everything,” said Freshmen Kason Wilkinson, as he reflected upon the evening.
“I felt comfortable with everyone, so I was good. I appreciated being invited.” Kason didn’t just sit in the audience, he added to the energy of the night by ‘freestyling’ to different instrumentals. Freestyle is the art of impromptu poetry or raps. No matter the beat, Kason was able to inspire himself to inspire others, through his flow of rhythmic wording.
Everyone was an artist that night, with inspiration running through their veins. Some, who hadn’t intended to go up and speak, were inspired to do so. Sophomore Brandon Mitchell did an impromptu poem on the topic of Beauty, often making eye contact with his girlfriend, in an observable expression of emotion. The chemistry they share could be felt in his words, demonstrating the power of poetry to convey one’s passions. Everyone was wearing a smile by the time he finished, in response to his openness and sincerity.
“It doesn’t matter how many people are here,” said P.O.E.T. Club VP of Communications Mary Ward. “If even one new person wants to be involved in our club, or inspired by what we do, it’s a success.” This type of modesty and humility runs down to the core of what the P.O.E.T. Club represents. Passion and Sincerity, Expression and Support – these are all examples of selfless behaviors, not dependent on “ulterior motives. “It was cool to see people wanting to take part in something on campus we created,” Mary added.
The star of the night had to have been Kaylee Weakley, who stole the show with her rendition of ‘She Will be Loved,’ by Maroon 5. Standing in front of everyone, appearing shy and unassuming, she then gave a stunning performance that took everyone by surprise. By the looks on everyone’s faces, it seemed Kaylee had struck a chord with all of them. She embodied what the open mic represents, a space for relatively unknown talent to be heard and enjoyed.
If you missed the open mic, then you missed Junior Ryan Guyton’s hilarious poem done in his Elmo voice, which had the crowd cracking up. Don’t worry though; the P.O.E.T. club will be hosting its next open mic night this Sunday, March 9th, in the Student Life Center at 6pm. Again, everyone is invited to bring their poems and their songs, their freestyles and their flows. Add your own chapter of expression to the story that the P.O.E.T. Club is writing into history. Sunday nights are your nights for positive energy and good vibes. Come just to listen, or come to get on the mic, but come prepared to be inspired!
Contact the P.O.E.T. Club at AsuPoetClub@gmail.com for more information on joining the club, or for more info on the open mic. See you Sunday!

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