Officials Say Malaysian Airliner Kidnapping Possibility

Steven Petrov
The Paw Print

Still not clear why, or where has it been taken

The communication between the air control and the airplane Boeing 777, with 239 passengers on board, failed less than an hour after the flight from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing took off.
Ever since then the airliner has been missing, without any clear indication for why or where did the plane go. According to the investigation, the Malaysian airliner was kidnapped by either the pilots themselves or from another person with previous flight experience.
The major reasons for these conclusions are the fact that the communication between the air control and the jet was “killed” on purpose, as well as the facts that the direction where the Boeing 777 was rerouted out of the reach of the air control’s radars. This suggests the kidnapper’s thorough knowledge of the radars’ range, direction, and location. The last signals from the radars show how the flight changed its original Northeastern route and had crossed Malaysia in the Western direction.
The Malaysian Prime Minister, Najib Razak, has officially stated the government has a strong suspicion that this is a terroristic attack, which was planned before hand. He also talked about the current ways the Malaysian authorities are trying to track down the airliner. The first possible corridor is north towards the boarder with Turkmenistan and Kazakhstan, also including Northern Thailand as a potential destination.
The other corridor goes south from Indonesia to the South part of the Indian Ocean. Razak pointed out that the expanding of the investigating area is based on the latest satellite data. The Prime Minister also stated that the authorities are well aware that the investigation has entered a new stage now and that he really hopes that the new data will help in locating the airplane.
The respective agencies will also concentrate a significant part of their work in determining, the potential reasons and people who could have been involved in the kidnapping. is powered by WordPress µ | Spam prevention powered by Akismet