Non-Violent Communications

By Cody Schuman

Over the weekend, the Center for Restorative Programs teamed up with the Center of Nonviolent Communications and the Campus Ministry to put on a two-day workshop hoping to improve relationship skills. Paul Shippee, an expert in nonviolent communications, conducted the training seminar.

The Nonviolent Communications is a global network developed by renowned psychologist Marshall Rosenberg. According to the program’s mission statement, it acts as a model to create and sustain healthy relationships among family, partners, co-workers, friends, and community.  It is a non-profit organization that has rapidly spread throughout 59 countries.

There is a lack of communication in the world today. People are unable to express their feelings and thoughts in an effective manner, ultimately creating conflict. The Nonviolent Communications organization aims at teaching to improving these simple skills in hopes to lessen conflict within their personal relationships.

According to Claire McArdle, the School Programs Coordinator for the Center of Restorative Programs, the workshop mainly consisted of a training seminar. The $50 fee provided three light meals and training materials.

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