No Tuition Increase for Adams State

By Aaron Kinnischtzke |

For being a university seemingly in need of financial support and operating a tad behind the 8-ball, Adams State University will provide guaranteed tuition for students moving forward. The announcement is a significant one for under- and upperclassmen alike. The move shall hopefully be a selling point for prospective students looking for a consistently affordable education. Administration hopes for an increased number of students attracted to the university because no tuition increase will essentially compensate for the amount of dollars that a tuition increase would provide, and therefore this move is two-fold.

Incoming senior Andrew Vigil, who has had guaranteed tuition since he arrived at Adams in the Spring of 2017, described the move as being a “relief,” and noted that he is grateful to have a consistent amount to pay. “I think it’s definitely an attractive feature to bring new students here, because they can budget out what they will have to pay going forward and not be caught by surprise from an increase. It also helps out families who pay tuition for students, because it has definitely helped out mine.” Vigil, who comes from a single-parent household, said that before arriving at Adams, his mother was relieved to discover guaranteed tuition from Adams in order to plan out a financial plan for Andrew’s four-year career.

For underclassmen, incoming sophomore George Galaviz was also relieved that there would be no tuition hike. “I heard that ASU was in some financial distress, and I assumed that in order to get out of the black, the students would end up being sort of penalized for it and we would have had to pay more. I think it says a lot about our administration in that they care about taking it easy on the students and not making them make up for mistakes that the previous administration made.” Galaviz also comes from a single-parent, single-income household, and is on pace to be the first person in his family’s history to graduate college. The move solidifies his path to achieve this goal, and makes it easier on his family who is paying for his education.

If you have questions about the increase, you can contact President Cheryl D. Lovell directly, or any professor or administrator who is educated on the matter. In essence, people around the community are banking on guaranteed tuition to be a selling point for students to enroll at Adams in the future. Unfortunately, it is not an immediate fix for the university’s debt, but it is a step in the right direction if it pays off and more students do end up enrolling here. In addition to strong degree programs, a new student coming into Adams will be guaranteed a set amount of tuition dollars that they will have to pay, and this will help out families looking to send their children to a fantastic institution. If you are a prospective student looking for an affordable and consistent education, enroll today. is powered by WordPress µ | Spam prevention powered by Akismet