New AS&F Constitutional Amendment

Nathan Crites-Herren
The Paw Print


Associated Students and Faculty (AS&F) a student based governing body at Adams State that supports club activities  and monitors the allocation of funds for clubs, as well as other school organizations, is in the process of bringing an important amendment to the AS&F constitution.   
The amendment would change the previous requirement that stated that only juniors or seniors could occupy executive positions.  Instead, the amendment would allow all students to apply for executive board positions regardless of their grade level.
Currently, the amendment is awaiting approval from the AS&F Senate, and will be presented on the floor to be voted on this Monday, Feb. 13.  Prior to the current amendment proposal a similar amendment was brought before Senate but was rejected due to discrepancies within the proposal.
According to AS&F Chief Justice Amber Harlan, the decision to amend the constitution came out of the lack of accessibility to students who wanted to be a part of the executive board but were no able to do so because of their grade level.  She noted that the executive position of VP of Finance has remained vacant for some time. “Since September of last year we have not had a VP of finance, other executive board members and I have been filling that position,” said Harlan.
In recent years AS&F has made significant changes to the constitution. Two years ago AS&F revamped significant portions of the constitutions in order to increase the participation from club members and students.  Allocation of funds was also addressed at that time.
If approved by Senate, the current amendment will increase opportunities for the entire student body to be a part of the AS&F team. The only requirement that will remain for students if the new amendment passes is maintaining a 2.5 Grade Point Average.  “The student body will be more accurately and fairly represented by this amendment,” added Harlan.
According to Harlan, further significant changes to the constitution are not expected during the rest of this year. However, anyone who has a proposed amendment to the constitution is welcome to put them forward to the AS&F Senate for consideration.
Students who are involved in government or political science studies are encouraged to apply for positions on the executive board of AS&F. Currently, the VP of finance position is vacant and pending the approval of the amendment by Senate, will be open to students in every grade level. is powered by WordPress µ | Spam prevention powered by Akismet