Michael Brown, Will Justice Be Served?

Abbie Stillman

The Paw Print

Eighteen year old Michael Brown Jr. was shot Saturday August 9, 2014 by Ferguson, Missouri five-year police officer Darren Wilson. Michael was unarmed when he was shot six times. The jury has yet to convene to decide whether or not the officer will actually be indicted.

This horrific event has provoked protests throughout the country with protesters holding signs saying “Murder is Illegal, Arrest the officer,” “No killer cops in our community,” “He’s not a suspect, he’s a victim of police brutality,” “No Justice, No peace,” “Stop Killing Our Sons,” “Don’t shoot, I have a future,” and countless others begging to stop the racism from cops in the community as well as asking for a chance to live their lives in peace.

Monday November 17, 2014, Missouri governor Nixon declared a state of emergency existing at 3:30pm ahead of the grand jury decision announcement. Missouri government is being accused of racism, which at this point seems quite accurate seeing as it is mostly white and the community is mostly black. The people of Missouri are voicing their concerns that the officer in fact will not be indicted, which have raised concerns of the safety of the black youth in the state.  On the day of the shooting, a convenience store security camera captured a suspect stealing a box of cigars at 11:15 am. Dispatch described the suspect wearing a red Cardinals hat, a white T-shirt, yellow socks, and khaki shorts, accompanied by another man. Around noon, Brown had been walking down the middle of the street with his friend Dorian Johnson when Officer Wilson pulled them aside. Wilson claimed that Brown matched the description dispatch offered of the thief. While Wilson claims there was a struggle through his SUV for his gun, witnesses offer differing stories saying the Brown was trying to surrender himself.

Whether or not Brown was the thief should not matter. Suspect to robbery is no excuse for murder especially when Brown was unarmed and was reported to be surrendering to Wilson. Brown was born May 20, 1996 to Lesley McSpadden and Michael Brown Sr. He had just graduated Normandy High School in St. Louis eight days before his death. He was planning on attending Vatterott College, a technical school, starting August 11. It is said by a friend of his that he wanted to own his business. Teacher’s said he loomed large and didn’t cause trouble, describing him as a ‘gentle giant.’ Brown was six foot two when he died. He was an amateur rapper, posting his tracks online under the nickname Big Mike. Michael had big future plans that were suddenly taken away by a police officer who is supposed to be protecting the people, not brutalizing them.

With conflicting stories about what really happened that night and how people all over the country are eager to hear whether justice will be served or if a racist cop will walk with little to no punishment for his militant actions.

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