Mary Jane and Her Colorado Romance

Stephen Jiron
The Paw Print

Well it’s unavoidable; Marijuana is everywhere now. Ever since the smear campaign by tobacco that demonized marijuana, it’s been commonplace to expect those that partook in marijuana to hide it, keep it behind closed doors.
Not only that but all the attention it still receives, negative and positive. Now seeing it so unabashedly flaunted by those who use it is a little shocking. It’s surprising to watch the commercials advocating against smoking and driving.  Reminding you it seemed like just yesterday that the stuff was illegal. Almost more shocking: a marijuana vending machine named Zazzz has made land in Avon, CO a prominent reminder of how much the green plant has been pushed to the forefront; it may only be a matter of time before you can go to the gas station and ask the attendant for a pack of Marlboro Greens.
Don’t get me wrong I advocated legalized marijuana for a while. But when it finally happened I guess I didn’t expect it to blow up quite like it did. The writing was on the wall and I still allowed myself to be shocked by its reception. Another aspect is the money it makes. Tourism is defined as the activity of traveling to a place for pleasure. And by that definition it fits perfectly; marijuana brings in money there is no questioning that. But what has happened in Colorado and probably Seattle is something else entirely.
When tourists visit locations, you expect them to go for attractions. So with Colorado you expect Garden of the Gods, The Denver Broncos, The Royal Gorge, or our Local Sand Dunes (which will be receiving its own commemorative quarter in 2015), but when people come to Colorado now it can’t be defined as tourism. It’s more akin to Americans trying to get into Canada for free healthcare. None of these people plan on staying longer than it takes to get their fix, which can be bothersome because it provokes a feeling of “If you want it you should vote for it in your state,” which like anything else can be silenced by money. If you walk away from this article with nothing else, walk away with this: who cares if they stay, their money is staying and one of the hardest things to argue with in today’s day and age is money. is powered by WordPress µ | Spam prevention powered by Akismet