Mariachi Spectacular Brings CHeers from Richardson Hall Audience

 Brenda Figueroa
The Paw Print

On Saturday, March 27 music and cheers could be heard from Richardson Auditorium as the Mariachi Corazon del Valle performed along with Semillas de la Tierra. The concert showcased Mariachi San Luis, directed by Frank Vigil, and La Familia Branchal and Mariachi Encantadoras Del Rio Grande, both directed by Nick Branchal.

 “The Mariachi performance was great! I had a lot of fun,” exclaimed Abe Rosenberg. “My favorite song that we performed was ‘Rodinela’; it plays with dynamics and has some really cool violin solos. “ Abe has been playing music all his life after picking up the guitar at the age of three. “I didn’t really start playing until I was seven or twelve. So, I’ve been playing the guitar somewhere between eight and nine years.”

 Another ASC student that has a passion for performing is, Vanessa Barela. She has been dancing for Semillas de la Tierra for two years now. “My favorite region that I enjoyed dancing is Veracruz. The costumes are beautiful and the dances are unique. Some have a very fast pace and others are much slower,” explains Vanessa. “‘La Bruja’ is one of my favorite dances. It has a beautiful tune, and we dance with candles on our heads!”

With so much passion for music and dance, be sure to expect many more incredible performances from both ASC Mariachi Corazon de Valle and Semillas de La Tierra. is powered by WordPress µ | Spam prevention powered by Akismet