Manchester City F.C. and Chelsea F.C. Face Off

Steven Petrov
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The legendary Frank Lampard “punished” his former teammates from Chelsea and stopped Mourinho’s 4 consecutive wins streak

Manchester City F.C. 1:1 Chelsea F.C.

The former Chelsea captain Frank Lampard, who spent 13 years at Stamford Bridge, had recently joined “The citizens” of Manchester. On Sunday, September 21st, Manchester City FC faced Chelsea FC in a home game played at the City of Manchester stadium, where, after a dramatic game with opportunities in front of both teams, red card, and a last minute equalizer, Frank Lampard was again a hero; but for the first time in his career those who celebrated after his goal were not from London, but from Manchester. The “blues” from London almost believed that they had already won the game when, in the 71st minute, the young forward Andre Schurle finished a quick and precise counter attack for the Londoners. Right after Schurle’s goal, the new sensation of the English Premiere League, Diego Costa, hit the post. It all looked like Chelsea managed to establish full control of the game. The Argentinian defender Pablo Zabaleta was sent off in the 66th minute, which also helped Chelsea to press their opponents and score the goal they needed. However, the last saying of the game was of no one else but the great Lampard, who saved his new team from losing with his first ever goal with the Manchester City FC jersey.
The first half went on a pretty slow pace compared to what the fans are used to see in the premiere league, and there weren’t any big chances in front of both goals. The second half started much better for the “citizens” and they created 2-3 goal scoring chances in front of Chelsea’s goal. However, after shots from Fernandinho, Kolarov and Dzeko, the score remained 0-0 still. Right after the red card for Manchester City FC, in the 66th minute, Chelsea started slowly but surely to dominate the game, creating many chances and trying to fully utilize their 1 man advantage. It was a battle, but City managed to slowly come back in the game, possessing the ball and eventually equalizing in the 85th minute. Lampard could have become an absolute hero of his new club by scoring again a few minutes after his 85th minute goal for 2:1. Unfortunately for the home team and all of their fans, his left footed shot was blocked by his friend and former teammate, John Terry.
This shows again that in EPL, anything is possible and the fight for the title this season will be incredibly intense. is powered by WordPress µ | Spam prevention powered by Akismet