London Underground

Jake Hughes
The Paw Print

Danny McCarthy, his partner Joe Fagan, and the West Side firm were all set to run amuck on the East Side boys. A twenty-five man army loaded to the brim with all the tools they need to cause absolute mayhem await the signal. The West Sides finest firm loaded up the Range Rovers and set off to the east to put to sleep their long term rivals and competition in the underground crime scene.
Danny McCarthy, Joe Fagan, and the firm pull up outside the club in their 2014 fully blacked out Range Rovers. Typical English weather in east London, rain, with a cold breeze blowing the smell of the stale London streets. Danny looks to Joe in an insistent way
“Right you ready son?” asked Danny.
“I’m always ready, you know that mate, but you think the governor will be pissed off?” Joe replied.
Danny jumped out the car and pulled out a cigarette and sparked it up. Joe got out bowls around the Range Rover and stood next to him, gazing into the door of the club as if he was fixated by it.
“Listen, don’t worry about the governor right now, all you gotta worry about is doing the fuckin’ job, alright,” said Danny.
“Why have you always gotta be so uptight,” replied Joe.
Danny threw his cigarette to the ground and started marching to the front door of the club. Joe and the others followed him like soldiers following their commander into war. The two comrades kicked the door in and raided the club, finding what they came for, the money and a big bag of coke, worth a fortune on the streets. Danny, Joe, and the firm made it back to the Range Rover unfazed and pulled off like a bullet out of a gun.
“Well that was fucking brilliant, what you think Dan,” Joe screamed at the top of his voice.
“Couldn’t have went any better mate, all we gotta do now is explain it to the governor,” said Danny.
The Governor didn’t like any activity going down without his permission and these two boys just broke the rules.
“Well once he sees the big bag of coke I’m sure he will be dancin’ around the room,” Joe said to Danny hoping for some reassurance.
“We’ll have to wait and see; you know what he’s like, he’s a hard bastard to please,” Said Danny.
Danny McCarthy and Joe Fagan arrived at the governor’s house and they were greeted by two very large and frightening looking men, with two ferocious German Shepherds. One guard opened the medieval front gate and the other snarled.
“What do you boys want?”
“I’m here to see the governor, I have something for him,” said Danny
“And what might that be then you little muppet,” the Guard said.
Danny laughed and replied straight back, “Why don’t you mind your own business you meathead and let me through.” The guard smirked and waved the boys on. Danny and Joe began their journey up the drive way to the house to speak to the governor. To their surprise the governor was waiting at the front door, chuffing on a big cigar, all dressed up in his smart attire. The governor was a strikingly large man and the lads were instantly on edge. Danny turned off the car and they both jumped out. “Hello governor, how ya doin’?” Danny asked.
“I’m good as gold fella’s, how you both doing?” the governor asked.
Joe nodded, showing his sign of respect.
“We’re doing good thanks Gov. I have something for you; you think we can go somewhere private?” said Danny.
The governor started to walk into the house, “follow me boys.”
The boys and the governor walked through the house and went into what they liked to call the “Business room.” This room was purely for business, not pleasure. Some serious stuff had gone down in this room. The governor sat behind his huge oak table and said to the boys, “Why you both standing around? Come on sit down, you’re making the place look untidy.”
Danny and Joe both sat down instantly so they didn’t aggravate the Governor anymore.
“Right, what do you lads want then?” said the Governor.
“Me and Joe did a job yesterday on the club, we turned it over and got a few things for you,” Danny said.
The Governor looked at the two boys without any emotion, and got up and walked to the window, still holding his cigar in his left hand.
“Well fella’s you have left me in a sticky situation. You boys should fuck off and let me think about this clearly, before I do something I regret,” the Governor snapped.
Danny and Joe both leapt out their chairs and headed for the door. The Governor, livid with the choices that his soldiers made, now had to make a tough decision. Gazing out of the window the Governor thought about two simple options, punishment or reward. Now he didn’t want to look weak, but, he didn’t want to discourage his men from acting on their own accord. The Governor paced around the room thinking over and over to himself what to do with the situation on hand. He walked over to the liquor cabinet, pulled out a 24year old whiskey, and poured himself a double on the rocks. Normally when making these decisions the Governor drank a couple of glasses whiskey and smoked a cigar. The governor sat down at his table looking onwards at a map of his empire that he created and thought, I was once like these boys, eager and ready to impress the boss to move up in the ranks. While thinking about what to do, the Governor puffed on his Cuban, looking devilishly into the smoke as if it were telling a story or leading the way to the answer. Without warning, the Governor exploded out the seat and headed to the door to go outside. Once the Governor was outside he really started throwing his weight around, expressing his agitation. The Governor steaming with rage took a deep breath and tried to calm himself down so he can make a clear decision. Then, like a train hitting a wall he stopped, then started pacing back into the business room. The Governor sat back at his table and picked up the phone, dialing a number.
“Hello, It’s me. Danny McCarthy and his little side kick have stepped over the line and disrespected me, put ‘em to sleep for me,” He said without any remorse.
The Governor slammed the phone down and sat back in his chair, took a puff on his cigar and a big swig of his whiskey. Making these decisions so emotionlessly is the reason why he’s the Governor. is powered by WordPress µ | Spam prevention powered by Akismet