Lilly Pulitzer Collaborates With Target

Maya Ramirez

The Paw Print

ALAMOSA, Colo. – This past Sunday Target was packed with anxious Lilly Pulitzer fans. Lily Pulitzer’s collections from women’s clothing to household items will now be sold at the nearest Target locations.

Designer Lilly Pulitzer created a very successful clothing brand throughout her lifetime. She is most known for her bright colorful floral designs. Lilly Pulitzer was known as a very preppy designer, due to her high society audience.

Lilly Pulitzer has her own company called, Lilly Inc. She has many of her own independent stores; however, she has collaborated with other big name stores such as: Nordstrom’s, Saks Fifth Ave, and Nieman Marcus.

The reason the Lilly for Target collection has caused a huge controversy is, because it is the first time Lilly Pulitzer has collaborated with a store to make an affordable collection. The current collection is limited time only, while supplies last. Targets all over the country have been packed with shoppers.

Many of the stores have already sold out in just the few hours that they have been opened.  Target online has sold out of items as well.  Twitter had released pictures of lines from different Target locations all over the country. Before the stores even opened, there were lines that were wrapping around the entire store. Many of these pictures resemble a scene from Black Friday shopping.

Customers were becoming very displeased on how many of their favorite items were already out of stock. Even the online market was crashing due to the overload of people trying to buy items before Target ran out. Many customers complained over Twitter that even though they waited in early in line, that by the time they got to section, items were sold out.  Target announced that no other items will be sold from Lilly Pulitzers collection. .

It was no surprise that the collection sold out so quickly. The patterns were very fun and colorful and perfect for the spring season. Lilly Pulitzer’s clothes have always been extremely popular. Many of her patterns and designers are targeted to the people who like to dress preppy and girly.

The Target collection had a wide range of items that were being sold. Women’s clothes were being sold, such as things like, dresses, bathing suits, and shirts. Young girl’s and toddlers clothes were being sold. This collection was very adorable for young girls. Plus size clothing was in the collection as well. Shoes, from wedges to flip flops showcased the classic Lilly print. A home section was also released. Plates, placemats, glasses, and many other household items were released. Finally Lilly Pulitzer beauty items were released in this collection as well.

Even though Lilly Pulitzer passed away two years ago, her iconic brand lives on. Her floral pattern designs and collections continue to gain popularity. The items in her collections continue to expand to not just clothing. Having her clothing and other items be put into Target stores was a great way for everyone to be able to have Lilly Pulitzer. is powered by WordPress µ | Spam prevention powered by Akismet