ISIS Executes a British Hostage as the Terror Continues

Steven Petrov

The Paw Print

The Islamic State threatens to kill the American, Peter Kassig next

The extremists from ISIS spread a new video on Saturday, October 4th where the British hostage, Alan Henning, is beheaded after a message to “America and its allies.” The video is 1:11 minutes long and is titled “One more message to America and its allies,” and shows the British humanitarian worker in orange clothes. Henning introduces himself and says that his beheading will be a result of the decision that his parliament took to attack the Islamic State. He also says that by being part of the British society he now must pay the price for this political and military decision. The masked executor in the video, who holds a big knife, states, “Obama, you have started your aerial bombardment of Shams (Syria), which keeps on striking our people, so it is only right that we continue to strike the neck of your people,” expressing extreme hostility against the US president as well as to America as a whole.The beheading itself is not shown in the video, but the video repeats the scenario of the 3 previous public murders of ISIS. France Press has reported that the English-speaking executor, whose voice had been changed/ altered electronically, has a British accent and appears to be the same person who killed David Haines in September. This is the 4th video like this that the terrorist organization has spread in the recent months. At the end of the video they threaten to kill another American hostage, Peter Kassig. Unfortunately it is believed that Kassig might not be the only Westerner that ISIS has captured. Earlier on Friday, the father of one of the potential hostages that the Islamic state has, John Cantlie a British photographer, sent a video appeal for the release of his son stating that he is a “friend of Syria.”

The story behind Alan Henning’s kidnapping dates back to December 26th 2013. The convoy carrying humanitarian help, that Henning volunteered to be part of, entered Syria and was attacked soon after crossing the border with Turkey. England’s prime minister, David Cameron, stated that the murder of the British hostage, Alan Henning, shows the barbarian nature of the terrorists from ISIS. He also said that he will be praying for Alan’s family and everyone who loved Henning.

Cameron talked about the reasoning of Henning’s trip to Syria, how he had gone there with the idea to help people from different religions and ethnicities, and how it is extremely sad to lose a person like that. The political leader of England promised to put all of the country’s efforts towards capturing these murderers and making them face the legal consequences for their brutal and barbarian actions.

The US president, Obama, also expressed his sincere compassion to Alan’s family, his countrymen, and England. In his official statement he assured the world that USA will continue expanding its coalition with other countries and working toward the weakening and the eventual complete destruction of the terrorist group. is powered by WordPress µ | Spam prevention powered by Akismet