HPPE Dept. Expands, Develops New Programs

Courtesy Photo: Weights in the Plachy weight room

Mariah Pepe
The Paw Print

With the fall of 2012 fast approaching, the Human Performance and Physical Education  (HPPE) department is preparing to start new undergraduate and Master’s programs. “Given these new programs, the new faculty, and the new facilities, Adams State, specifically the HPPE department, can compete with any four year school in getting quality students prepared to enter the work force or graduate school,” said Doctor “Beez” Lea Ann Schell, the department chair.
New Bachelor’s programs include Sports Management and Exercise Science.
Sports Management will prepare students for graduate programs and careers in professional, semi professional, not-for-profit, and community sports programs related to directing athletic programs, making recreation and sports facilities, public relations, marketing, and sports information.
Exercise Science will help prepare students for graduate programs in the more medical aspects, such as Physical Therapy and Athletic Training. These students will have many opportunities to conduct fitness-related experiments in the Human Performance Laboratory.
The older programs, being K-12 Physical Education Teaching and Sports Psychology will also continue. The K-12 Physical Teaching program prepares students to seek Colorado teaching licensure while also providing opportunities to work directly with students in local school districts. Sports Psychology combines the fields of HPPE and Psychology. It enhances student understanding of sports participants, environments, and group processes, as well as applying mental skill techniques in order to improve performance.
HPPE also offers minors in Coaching and Adventure Leadership, and they will begin to offer a Sports Leadership emphasis that will be offered through the Business department using HPPE classes.
With these changes, students will have the opportunity to stay with their current program or be advised towards the new criteria. Mainly the upper level courses are changing, which means most students could easily make the transition by substituting courses or taking new classes as electives. Either way, there will be no negative repercussions for current students, as they will graduate with the same number of units.
In regards to the Master’s opportunities, there are two new online programs in Coaching and Sports Management. They are both thirty-six hour online courses that are the most affordable fully online Master’s degrees in the US.
The MA in Coaching is an effective avenue to enhance a coach’s leadership skills and knowledge while increasing marketability in a highly competitive field.
An MA in Sports Management will increase an individual’s professional prospects in the highly competitive sports industry. It teaches students to deal with media, retail, facilities and events, and professional, public, and private organizations.
Additionally, the Exercise Science degree has developed from a Masters of Art into a Masters of Science program. This will allow students to learn about an individual’s physical health, fitness, and sports performance by analyzing the effect of exercise and physical activity on the mind and body. This will prepare students for work in corporate fitness, clinical testing, personal training, research, strength and conditioning, or doctoral level programs.
“Sports are a multibillion dollar industry in this country. Even during the recession, people attend sporting events, need rehabilitation, and seek gym memberships. Times can be tight, but this is one of the areas that remain strong with job opportunities. Therefore, if you love sports, fitness, and exercise, this is your opportunity to study it and pursue a career in something you love and are passionate about,” said Schell.
Adams State will continue to meet the growing needs of the students within these programs, as HPPE is the second largest undergraduate program on campus. It has been growing considerably in recent years.

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