How Important is Your Morning Caffeine Fix

Courtesy Photo: McDaniels hall Plan

Megan Smith
The Paw Print

Many students and staff on the Adams State College Campus were looking forward to having a coffee spot in the new McDaniel building’ which will include space for some sort of concessions. The first floor will also include another study lounge, 24-hour access student computer lab, and Wi-Fi connectivity. Construction is currently underway.
Originally, architects working on the building interviewed Sodexho representatives to find out what would be needed to design a coffee area. The space is now being built according to those plans, which includes an extended glass wall in the infrastructure. Now, it seems that the space may not be used to a coffee spot.
“We are not interested in putting a coffee concession in the McDaniel building,” said Kristen Zagranski Sodexho’s general manager at ASC. “We feel that students and staff can already come across the street to the SUB building for Coffee.  In the meantime we are interested in placing vending machines in McDaniel or a Coffee area closer to Richardson Hall.  If students are interested in a coffee concession in that building they would have to contact the school.”
The Sodexho Company currently has first right of refusal over all concession spaces here on the Adams State Campus. This first right of refusal is included the contract between ASC and Sodexho giving Sodexho the first opportunity to lease any additional space that might become available in a property at the same price and on the same terms and conditions as those contained in any third party offer that the college has expressed a willingness to accept. This gives Sodexho control over the space either to put their own concession, allow another company to use that space, or to leave it vacant.
The Coffee Guy, located in the Nielson library, is also interested the in the concession space in McDaniel building. “It would be up to the students and what they wanted,” said The Coffee Guy. “There is a lot of confusion as what is going with that space, and no school official has approached me about moving in that building. However, I would like to know what I have to do to get in that space and even if it takes having students and staff sign a petition.”
Many of the Coffee Guys regular customers would like to see him at the McDaniel location. “Not a lot of people go in and out of the library it would be a better location in that building because there is more traffic,” said The Coffee Guy.
Some students have enjoyed all of the changes and new concessions on campus and some others have not “Students are not sure of the rules and regulations of the Sodexho Company said Matt Lovato Senior at ASC. “I was looking forward to the Vistas Restaurant and the other new things on campus this year, but my experience with Sodexho has put a bad taste in my mouth.  Over all if the students were better informed of Sodexho’s regulations I think that they would feel more comfortable with the campus improvements.”
Students have also expressed confusion as to club fundraising on campus with food. Zagranski said, “We would rather fundraising take place on the Japanese gardens and we also suggest that clubs fundraise with bake sales.” The reason for this is most students aren’t trained with the proper food handling and sanitation regulations for the state of Colorado.
With a bake sale the temperature of the food can be more easily controlled. She also added that if any students were interested in learning about food handling “we would be willing to teach them.” is powered by WordPress µ | Spam prevention powered by Akismet