Horoscopes for the Week of September 8th-15th

Madam Shawcroft
The Paw Print

Aquarius 01/20-20/18
We all face intimacy issues at some point, but this week you’ll begin to attack yours in the most pragmatic way possible. A new moon on Thursday will fall in your 8th deep house transformation. This will touch on physical and emotional resources you share with someone close. Love doesn’t always have to hurt, work on fixing things so you’ll be able to feel a greater level of trust and openness. Be courageous; expressing your vulnerability can bring you closer to people you love.
Pisces 02/19-03/20
This week’s New Moon, in your 7th House of Partnerships, could be a solid turning point in love. You and someone close may decide to make a commitment to each other, perhaps by moving in together or even by getting engaged or married. If you’re already hitched, you can expect a lovely new development between you and your mate. On Saturday, when the Sun in your 7th house sends a positive signal to Jupiter, now in your 5th House of Romance, sparks are sure to fly! Fortunately, you can avoid later disappointment if you scale back your expectations sooner than later. Establishing realistic goals now allows you to bask in the light of recognition once you manifest your dreams.
Aries 3/21-4/19
The week starts out playful, thanks to the Moon passing through your 10th house of Romance and Pleasure on Monday and Tuesday. As the Moon creates a gorgeous link to Venus — now in your 7th House of Partnership — you’ll notice how much you enjoy being in the company of your loved one. Nothing special needs to happen; you’ll find joy in each other’s presence. A little compliment will go a long way. Isn’t it nice to feel so loved that all you want to do is love back harder? You might feel as if you’re on a collision course with reality, yet you can avoid an unpleasant scene by listening to those you love. Remember, your attitude has more impact than you realize, so don’t spread negativity by focusing on your problems. Stop talking about what could go wrong and focus on the highest potential instead.
Taurus 04/20-05/20
Romantic prospects will shine! On Thursday, a New Moon lights up your 5th House of True Love. If single, you’ll have gorgeous prospects to meet someone new — someone with the ability to make your heart skip a beat! You’re likely to enjoy listening to this person’s conversational style, and you might even feel like you’ve met your intellectual match. By Saturday the Sun will beam at Jupiter, now in your 3rd House of Communication. Sharing coffee and conversation on a date has never been more fun! You must be serious and meet all your obligations before you go off to have fun. Luckily, once you establish a sustainable rhythm, you might become so involved with your work that it seems like play, anyway.
Gemini 05/21-06/20
Sharing ideas or a sweet conversation with your lover will be even more fulfilling this week than usual. The Moon will pass through your 3rd House of Communication on Monday and Tuesday, connecting perfectly with love planet Venus. These days will be ideal to have a conversation with someone special about the direction of your relationship, or to simply express how you really feel in this person’s presence. Most likely, he or she has the ability to light up your world. Don’t keep this to yourself.  You are more likely to stick close to home because you may not want to be around crowds. Don’t fall into the trap of believing there is anything wrong just because you aren’t particularly sociable now. Even the most interactive Gemini still needs an occasional break to recharge his or her batteries. Enjoy the peace and quiet while you can.
Cancer 06/21-07/22
A New Moon in your 3rd House of Communication this week will set the stage for a vital conversation between you and your sweetheart. This talk will not be lighthearted, but it does have the power to stabilize your relationship and allow each of you to truly understand your obligation to each other. Has there been a test to your commitment recently? This week, you’ll want to talk about it. You’ll clear the air and be in a position to keep any promise you make. Save yourself from a headache and take time to indulge in a bit of rest and relaxation. With the New Moon’s emphasis on your 3rd House of Immediate Environment, it’s smarter to concentrate your energy than to scatter it.
Leo 07/23-08/22
You might start out the week being more self-involved, but you’ll still have an ability to capture someone’s heart, thanks to your ability to wear your heart on your sleeve. What will be most obvious about you on Monday and Tuesday is the fact that “what you see is what you get,” and this can be a breath of fresh air. On Saturday, you’ll feel especially valued by someone you love and you might even decide to arrange a surprise for this person. He or she will be delighted at your effort. Although you may not have as much funds in your bank account as you thought, the real reason to postpone buying something is because you don’t need it. Make your life more efficient by streamlining your finances and practicing self-restraint.
Virgo 08/23-9/22
A New Moon in your sign this week is a sure signal to the universe that you’re ready for a personal change. On Thursday, this lunation might open up new doors in the relationship department, as well. You may decide to change up your personal appearance in some way, and if so others are certain to notice and appreciate the new look. You’ll be open about your requirements in relationship, including any deal-breaker qualities. Your honesty will be refreshing … to the right person. It’s true that life isn’t always easy, but don’t slip into negativity or you could end up wasting the insightful wisdom that is at your disposal. Just make sure the decisions you make today are fiscally sound; a practical approach makes your heart happy in the long run.
Libra 09/23-10/22
Your social life will kick up to high gear early in the week, and you might want to consider going out with friends after work to maximize this energy. There’s a good chance for you to meet someone while you attend a meeting for any group you’re a member of, or at any social function. There is also promising potential if you’re interested in meeting someone through a dating website or other social media outlet. Your charm will be contagious! Although the New Moon forms a supportive aspect with confident Jupiter, it won’t likely be enough to offset your solitary mood. Don’t allow others to assume the worst; it’s smarter to explain your concerns instead of pretending that everything is okay.
Scorpio 10/23-11/21
Love isn’t always what it seems, and this Wednesday you might relate to this in a personal way. The Moon will oppose Neptune, now in your 5th House of True Love. This might lend itself to an emotional reaction you can’t be sure you trust. Perhaps someone has true feelings for you, but it’s also possible that he or she is playing you for a fool. Thankfully, Thursday’s New Moon will bring new light to the situation, and if you ask a friend to weigh in, he or she will help you gain the clarity you need. Don’t let your high standards turn into unrealistic demands since your drive for perfection could push others away. Instead, be more accepting now; your flexibility will ultimately strengthen the connections that matter the most.
Sagittarius 11/22-12/21
The week may be quiet in matters of the heart, but by the time the weekend arrives you’ll be buzzing with romantic drama. On Saturday, the Moon will oppose Uranus, now in your 5th House of Romance. Your sweetheart might be “in a mood,” and you’re not likely to have patience for this erratic swing. Thankfully, it’ll be temporary and not an all-consuming drama fest. Still, you may want to spend the weekend apart just to play it safe. Set your plan in motion now and continue to build momentum until you reach optimum speed. There’s no reason to wait for a better time to start.
Capricorn 12/22-01/19
You might reach new horizons with your partner this week. On Saturday, a gorgeous sextile between Jupiter and the Sun will help you open up to an exciting adventure with your mate. The two of you may decide to attend a workshop or spiritual retreat together, or you may plan a thrilling vacation to an exotic location. Even if all you do is sign up for a class to learn a new language, the fact that you’re engaging in a brand new experience together is what matters most. Your calm demeanor and common sense appear to do the trick in nearly any situation now. Luckily, your organizational skills are also in great shape, so you should be able to execute your plan smoothly. Don’t hesitate; get busy and use your current planetary advantage wisely.

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