Horoscopes for the Week of Sep. 26th to Oct. 3rd

Madam Shawcroft
The Paw Print

A chat with a friend could give you a fresh perspective on how to deal with any career or job challenges. Be open to changing your point of view. This may be necessary in order to take advantage of current progressive influences. On another note, don’t let fear or insecurity make you lash out, especially if someone is trying to help you. A Full Moon in your shopping zone midweek might encourage you to want to spend in order to feel good. Enjoy it, but go easy!

Life happens when you take a walk on the wild side. Something inside may be urging you on and encouraging you to let go of patterns that have kept you down. You are so much bigger in reality, and in your heart you know it. You might have to lose something in order to gain something, and that could be security, which may be an illusion anyway. Enjoy this week’s Full Moon in your sign. It could coincide with the fulfillment of a desire, goal, or dream.

Managing resources could be a theme this week. You might want to change tactics if you have debts or other financial issues. Cooperating with key people may be essential to your success. Career matters could make a leap in progress, especially if you make a key decision. Just when you need to be at your shrewdest and most practical, a Pisces Full Moon, which is great for parties and celebrations, could give you that spaced-out feeling while bringing a secret to light.

You receive some new insight about an important person in your life, Taurus, and your relationship takes a dramatic turn for the better. You feel you now know this person completely, and your closeness borders on the profound. This new alliance could also have positive repercussions on your finances.

You may be very businesslike and eager to get what you want, but someone else may be equally determined. Don’t tiptoe around this week – you could lose out. You might have to work on a strategy that pulls no punches. However, the Full Moon on September 19 could dash your resolve by highlighting your emotions when you really need to be strong. Keep your focus on your goal and try not to let it waver. The Sun’s move into Libra might bring romantic opportunities, too.

Even though Saturn in your romance zone and Pluto in your relationship zone make a friendly angle this week, you may still wonder what’s hit you. Intense emotions, which could contain traces of anger or resentment, might make it hard to show your caring and loving side. Perhaps something needs to change. However, any changes you do make might have to be quite radical. The Pisces Full Moon could bring a positive and powerful insight if you can be still long enough to catch it.

You might be ready for action, but you might need a stronger approach to getting things done if you want to make headway this week. Issues linked with home and lifestyle affairs could be in need of some sort of transformation. This might even equate to structural changes to your place so that you can move ahead with new plans. Despite this being a no-nonsense week, it does have a spiritual quality to it. It could make you aware that whatever is happening has a reason and a purpose.

You might need to go back to the drawing board concerning a possibly flawed creative project. This could be a week of intense discussions and ongoing conversations around the issue of what should be done next. What you eventually decide may be nothing like your original plan. A romance could also start to unravel, but it might be saved by the Pisces Full Moon, as it encourages expression of those deeper feelings. Surrender to the magic and it may all be OK.

You may want to cut back on expenses and consider ways to recycle more things. There’s a rather intense energy focused on your personal financial zone that’s encouraging you to make the most of what you have, while learning how to be more resourceful. In fact, you may be applying these ideas to your home and family life. Although the Sun entering your sign this week brings an energy boost, consider taking a more relaxed schedule on September 19 to coincide with the Full Moon.

You could find this to be a rather intense week, but then you might also enjoy the challenges that come with it. You could be moving through a period of change, and the current influences seem to be bringing this to a head. Over the coming days don’t be surprised if you feel so squeezed in a certain situation that the decision to do something about it morphs into practical action. Romantic options are showing up for you, too, although you might be busy with other things.

Don’t overreact today, Sagittarius. Your biorhythms are low. In fact, you may be feeling a bit under the weather. There’s no point in trying to keep up a cheerful front. People will see through your facade. You would be better served by spending time on solo activities. That way you can spend long stretches of time in bed, where you’re meant to be today.

Pluto turns direct in your sign this week, so you may feel like you’re heading for a mini rebirth over the coming weeks and months. Plus, other powerful influences could be encouraging you to take stock of your needs, especially in connection with your social circle. Whether you make a decision to distance yourself from certain people or it happens naturally, see it as a sign that the transformation has already begun. It’s onward and upward from here as new friends could come with exciting benefits.

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