Horoscopes for the Week of October 24th-31th

Madam Shawcroft
The Paw Print

You’ll have unfinished business with someone in authority on Monday. It might be wise to finally settle the issue. A lover may be very indecisive on Tuesday. This person will change plans with you at the last minute! Take steps to boost your vitality when the Moon enters your health zone on Wednesday. Think about eating more healthily or starting a new exercise program. An unexpected blessing will come your way on Sunday. Get ready to burst with joy this weekend.
Be mindful of your actions on Monday. You could slip and hurt yourself if you aren’t careful. Hide your to-do list in a drawer on Thursday. It’s time to kick back and watch the clouds roll by. You’ll be surrounded by positive vibrations when the Sun trines Neptune in Pisces on Friday. All of your endeavors will meet with success. Do the math on Saturday. Make sure you’ve got the necessary funds before buying a costly item.
Speak slowly while interacting with others when the Moon squares your ruler Mars on Monday. You’ll be misunderstood if you talk too quickly. Think about creating a new life blueprint on Wednesday. It’s possible that you’re stuck in a rut. Follow your sixth sense on Friday. If a new acquaintance sets off inner alarm bells, take note. You’ll feel like you’re on an emotional roller coaster on Saturday. Make sure your seat belt is buckled tightly this weekend.
You’ll hear from a former partner when Mercury turns retrograde in your relationship zone on Monday. This person will want to rekindle the flames of desire. Financial matters will require your attention on Tuesday. Check that an economic endeavor isn’t leaking money. You may need some quiet time on Friday. Shut off the cell phone and enjoy the silence! A family member might become very obstinate on Sunday. Don’t discuss important issues until your relative is more congenial.
You may become easily distracted on Monday. Keep your eyes on the road while you’re driving. Power issues could erupt on the job when the Moon in Gemini is quincunx Pluto on Tuesday. Think carefully before challenging a colleague’s authority. You may catch a loved one in a lie on Saturday. Don’t be too hard on this person. He or she is going through a tough time. A friend may suggest going on an adventure on Sunday. Consider saying yes!
Lady Luck might abandon you on Monday. It isn’t a good time to buy a lottery ticket. A lover will make you happy when the Sun enters your sector of romance on Wednesday. If you’re single, you could meet a soul mate. An unexpected event could derail your agenda on Thursday. Try to stay flexible in all circumstances. You might be tempted to make promises that you can’t keep on Saturday. Be realistic when interacting with others this weekend.
Your domestic situation may change on Monday. It’s possible that a roommate will suddenly move out. Add to your list of activities on Tuesday. Think about joining a new sports club. A family member will offer you some good advice on Friday. This person truly has your best interests at heart! You may encounter challenging circumstances when the Moon in Leo squares Saturn on Sunday. Call on your inner strength when dealing with life’s ups and downs.
Neptune in Pisces and your relationship sector may bring confusion and chaos if you have a romantic partner or if you have to deal with the public. This has been an ongoing and troublesome influence, and it will continue for a few years. Jupiter in Cancer will bring a desire to be of service to friends and acquaintances. You may join a group that does fundraising or charity work in the community. Four planets will move through Scorpio this month, indicating that you’ll be committed to helping others in your extended family and community. You might attend a seminar or commit to taking a short course.
Review your personal accounting on Monday. You may discover that you’re overdrawn at the bank! A partner could present you with a long list of complaints on Thursday. Listen very closely to what this person has to say. You’ll wear rose-colored glasses when your ruler Venus is quincunx Jupiter on Saturday. Strive to view all scenarios clearly. Throw an impromptu party on Sunday. Put out a few munchies, invite some friends over, and celebrate the end of the weekend.
Choose your battles wisely on Monday. Don’t get involved in a fight that you can’t possibly win. The spotlight will be firmly in your corner when the Sun enters Scorpio on Wednesday. Get ready to shine with a special sparkle! Your creative juices will flow on Friday. Follow your artistic muse wherever it may lead. Guard your wallet carefully on Saturday. A smooth-talker may try to con you out of some hard-earned cash. Be your own best friend on Sunday.
Keep a low profile on the job on Monday. The key to your success is to work behind the scenes. Your compassionate side will emerge on Wednesday. You might decide to extend a helping hand to someone in need. A relationship may hit some turbulence when the Moon is quincunx Venus in Sagittarius on Friday. A heart-to-heart discussion will clear the air. Wanderlust may hit you on Sunday. Pack a bag and take a quick trip to parts unknown!
Reevaluate your life goals on Monday. You’re pursuing ambitions that no longer suit you. You’ll become self-indulgent when the Moon opposes Pluto in Capricorn on Thursday. Your motto will be, “If it feels good, do it!” A former foe may ask to reconcile on Friday. Think carefully before allowing this person back into your life. A family member will require a listening ear on Saturday. The needs of your relative will outweigh your own this weekend.

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