Horoscopes for the Week of October 17th – 24th

Madam Shawcroft
The Paw Print

You may undergo a life-altering experience on Tuesday. This event will change your view of the world. A mentor will come your way on Thursday. This person will help you achieve a cherished goal. Your sixth sense will kick up a notch when the Moon conjuncts Pluto in your intuition sector on Friday. Follow your gut instincts in all circumstances. Strut your stuff before others on Sunday. You’ll have an abundance of the “wow” factor this weekend.

A wonderful new career opportunity will appear on Monday. You may find your dream job! Don’t believe everything that you hear when the Moon squares Neptune in Pisces on Tuesday. A friend may inadvertently pass on false gossip. You may feel pulled in two different directions on Thursday. Choosing the right path to walk will prove difficult. A plan may hit a snag on Saturday. It might be wise to go back to the drawing board.
Surprising information will reach your ears when Mercury is quincunx Uranus in Aries on Tuesday. This nugget of news will rock your world! Clear out the clutter in your home on Wednesday. It’s time to toss aside items that aren’t wanted or needed. Be very discreet on Thursday. Think carefully before sharing your deepest secrets with another. Create a new goal list on Sunday. Remember, you’ve evolved over the years. Don’t waste your energy in pursuit of outdated ambitions.
Relationship issues could arise on Monday. A lover might want more personal space. Your vitality could hit a low point on Tuesday. A good night’s sleep may be just what the doctor ordered. Confusion could boggle your mind when your ruler Venus squares Neptune on Thursday. Strive to think clearly. An associate may ask you for a loan on Saturday. Keep a firm grip on your wallet! Don’t fall for any financial sob stories this weekend.

A rival will challenge you when Venus enters your zone of competitors on Monday. Call on your smarts to outwit any opponent. Your agenda may change without warning on Tuesday. Try to go with the flow as much as possible. Rejuvenate your lifestyle on Friday. Quit a bad habit and walk on the path of wellness. A new companion will come into your life on Sunday. This person will be very clever! He or she will expand your mental horizons.

Celebrate the simple joys of living on Tuesday. Watch the beauty of the sky at sunrise and sunset. You’ll be tempted to overindulge your appetites when the Moon opposes Jupiter in Cancer on Friday. Remember, too much ice cream will add inches to your waistline! A partner could be in a quarrelsome mood on Saturday. Don’t waste your breath bickering over unimportant matters. A lost item will be returned to you on Sunday.

A friend may ask you to invest in a financial scheme on Tuesday. Only put in money you can afford to lose. You’ll be very cheerful when the Moon sextiles your ruler Sun on Wednesday. The smile on your face will inspire others to grin. The boss could increase your workload on Friday. This person knows you’ll plow through the projects quickly! Don’t rush to judgment on Saturday. You don’t have all the facts regarding a particular situation.

Household repairs may be needed on Tuesday. A leaky faucet will demand that you brush up on your plumbing skills. Try not to worry on Thursday. Your fears are unfounded regarding a certain issue. A flash of insight will zing into your brain when the Moon sextiles your ruler Mercury on Friday. Use your newfound wisdom to resolve a difficult dilemma. Be blunt with a loved one on Sunday. This individual won’t get the message unless you speak plainly.

Generate good karma on Monday. Think about devoting your time to a worthy cause. A colleague may be up to no good on Tuesday. Don’t get involved in the malicious games this individual plays. Your emotions will hit a new level of intensity on Friday. Your heart will lead your head in all life circumstances. Extravagance will be your middle name when the Sun in Libra squares Jupiter on Saturday. It wouldn’t be a good idea to hit the shopping mall.

Don’t follow the crowd on Monday. It’s important to be yourself regardless of what others think. Catalog the pros and cons of a lover’s behavior when Mercury conjuncts Saturn in Scorpio on Tuesday. If the minus list is long, hit the delete button on the relationship. A friend will ask for your advice on Friday, but this person might need professional guidance. Search for a moment of Zen on Sunday. Find a quiet nook in which to unwind this weekend

Update your wardrobe when Venus enters Sagittarius on Monday. It’s a great time to overhaul your image. Pay close attention to detail on Wednesday. A careless error will prove to be very costly later. You’ll possess a new sense of boldness on Thursday. No one will be allowed to intimidate you! Don’t procrastinate on Saturday. A certain matter requires that you take quick action or the boat will sail without you. A wish may finally come true on Sunday.
Forgive yourself for a past mistake on Tuesday – you’re only human. It’s time to move on both mentally and emotionally. Determination is the key to your success on Wednesday. If you keep trying, you’ll finally win the prize! Be careful of your movements when the Moon in Capricorn squares Uranus on Friday. Look both ways before crossing a busy street. You may feel under a lot of pressure on Saturday. Practice deep breathing if you get stressed out this weekend.

Until next week may the stars be in your favor and your fortunes be fair.
-Madam Shawcroft

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