Horoscopes for the Week of November 14th-20th

Madam Shawcroft
The Paw Print

Never put off till tomorrow, what you can do today. Unless, of course, it’s something that doesn’t really need to be done at all. In which case, postpone it, leave it, ignore it, and proudly announce that you are not going to do it until or unless you absolutely must. You’re bothered now about something that, almost certainly, is going to be an irrelevance. Of course, there is a slight element of doubt. Without that, there would be no true test of your courage. But even if you are in doubt, you only need to have more faith.
You face a source of considerable irritation. It is hard to imagine how anyone could engineer a more exasperating situation, even if they were to deliberately set out with this in mind. That’s your first reason to relax. Actual adversaries are never this clever. It is therefore, most unlikely that you are dealing with a conscious conspiracy. Your stressful circumstances have come about largely by coincidence. To make things better, you merely need to wait for the wind to start blowing in another direction.
You don’t know how lucky you are. Perhaps you will never find out. But there’s not just ‘a good reason’ why something is now not working out the way you once wanted it to… there’s a really, really good reason. Your biggest ‘problem’ is actually a great blessing. Trust this and don’t go poking around for information you don’t need. Ignorance is bliss and so, too, is the right kind of frustration. As soon as you stop wanting what you can’t have this week, you will get what you can have. That will please you plenty.
The world is full of people who seemingly love nothing more than an opportunity to do the obvious. They are alarmed by originality and intimidated by individuality. They don’t care where the lemmings are heading as long as they can leap over the same cliff. You are now trying to decide how seriously to take a particular piece of advice. Read as much or as little into it as you like. Be as involved – or as detached, as you wish. The more you act on what you feel, not what you think you ought to feel, the happier you will be this week.
Fortune favors the bold, say some. But one of history’s most famous commentators said, ‘Blessed are the meek.’ Perhaps both statements are true, in their own way. You will now be well taken care of if you assert yourself, and equally well looked after, if you pursue a more passive policy. The middle-ground, though, is not much of an option. Soon, you must either summon the strength of a sumo wrestler or the patience of a spiritual teacher with a penchant for martyrdom. Who hesitates, is lost. Who has faith, wins!
Leave it alone. Don’t meddle, don’t fiddle, don’t fret, and don’t think. Forget it. Ignore it. I’m tempted to add ‘mind your own business’ but this may be a misleading piece of advice for the ‘it’ in question is a piece of business that does, at least partially, belong to you. Nonetheless, it’s best put aside. Legally speaking, you own the engine in your car. But that doesn’t mean that you are qualified to fix it. This week’s particular cause for concern needs to be put right by someone else. Have patience and it will be.
Do you know how smart you are, how able and how experienced? Do you think of yourself as someone of only limited talent or merit? It is now particularly important this week, for you to make a conscious effort to raise your level of self-esteem. Speak to people who like you. Remind yourself of past triumphs and successes. Forgive yourself any errors you feel you have made. Better to risk becoming slightly big-headed than to shrink back at a time when you can accomplish so much if you are confident.
You can expect a fair degree of success now. Mars is providing you with energy and purpose plus a chance to apply all this constructively. That’s not quite the same as saying that you will be victorious in every instance. You may well find that some things just are not possible, no matter how much effort you put into them. You can, though; rest assured that whatever really needs to be sorted out this week, will be sorted out. That which is left over will turn out, somehow, to be less relevant than you thought.
You are following a particular plan for a very specific reason. You may not yet be getting much by way of a result, but that doesn’t mean you are making a mistake. Good things take time. Very good things can sometimes take an awful lot of time. When you are standing on top of a mountain, it is easy to plot a route through the valley ahead. When you are down in those dales, it is hard to remember quite how far you could once see. Yet you are much nearer this week, to your ideal destination than you were before.
You had better forget all your ideas about what can’t be done. Try to ignore too, whatever you think you know about your problems and your difficulties. This may not be so easy. To a degree at least, disgruntlement energizes you. It puts fire in your belly and, in some peculiar way, it makes you feel more effective. You feel that perhaps you ought to be more restrained or tolerant with regard to an irritating matter. But in letting your feelings show this week, you are winning respect and eventual co-operation.
None of us are perfect but some of us try harder than others. We strive for higher standards. We aspire to more altruistic goals. We attempt to be more conscious, aware, and wise in the way that we lead our lives. Well, when I say ‘we’… I mean ‘you.’ That’s what you do. You deserve praise and recognition for it. If I do it too – indeed, if anyone else does – it is at least partially by way of emulating the example you (and people like you) set. This week, you are trying to do something very difficult and very laudable. Don’t stop.
To err is human, and to forgive? Well, to do that, is to imbue you with superhuman powers. X-ray eyes? Who needs ‘em? Leap tall buildings in a single bound? So what? What has the potential to make you truly fantastic this week is your rare combination of sensitivity and compassion. You won’t let anyone take you for a ride but you will not hold grudges longer than you have to either. Well… not when you’re being wise you won’t, anyway! Your ability to perform miracles depends on your willingness to let go.

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