Horoscopes for the Week of May 1st – 6th

Madam Shawcroft
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Ideas may flow thick and fast, bombarding you with information at warp speed. Insights, solutions, and inspiration may seem to flow effortlessly your way, but your nervous system could take a beating as a result. If you want to get the most out of the days ahead, you need to schedule time for deep rest and relaxation. The excitement of discovery might keep you up at night, but it’s important to honor the rhythms of your body if you’re going to make headway.

A money issue may come to a head as a revolutionary set of aspects encourages you to do some thinking. Unexpected events might have an influence on money going in and out of your account, so check statements and keep notes on spending just in case! Also, this could be a key time to reorganize your finances, pay off bills, and generally take action to end worry. Splurging on one or two fun events might help you relax when you need to.

Though it can be hard to keep your cool, it might be helpful to try. A dynamic array of transits could test your patience on more than one occasion. There’s no doubt that this is a time of change and something you’ve been feeling in your bones for a long while. However, try to avoid impulsive actions, even if things get intense. As Mercury moves into Taurus on Wednesday, use this down-to-earth and stable energy to start to plan ahead

Translate restless urges into plans that can pave the way for a better future! A part of you may be looking for something new, fresh, and exciting in life. While you generally dislike change, you may not have too many options at this time. However, in your case it all begins from within. Changing your attitudes, beliefs, and the way you interact with key people could have a profound influence on how situations pan out. A positive outlook may work miracles.

It might be necessary to find a compromise between being true to yourself and sticking with traditional ideas and values. It could be hard to do in a week when opting out might seem like more fun. You need to balance the urge to liberate yourself from routine and find freedom with a healthy appreciation for all you’ve achieved. This is something you won’t want to lose. If you must transform key areas of your life, do it one step at a time!

Anxiety may creep into the situation, leaving you feeling unstable regarding your job or career situation. A potent blend of transits might bring unexpected news that could unnerve you. Another possibility is realizing the futility of your current situation. Either way, you might wonder what has hit you! But this could be the start of a more meaningful and deeply fulfilling period in your life. Try not to panic. Begin to move in the direction of your dreams instead.

Misdirected energy and careless conversation could leave a stain on this week, especially if your pleasure instincts take the lead. A desire to follow your own instincts for fun and good times could cause regret. Powerful transits may encourage impulsivity when what you really need are wise choices born from a consideration for future consequences. Resist the temptation to rush change – opt for baby steps instead. You’ll feel less anxious if you do!

Be ready for unexpected change as the powers that be may seek to alter conditions regardless of your needs or desires. This might be the case particularly where joint finances are concerned. If you need to talk with your bank manager or financial adviser, go ahead so long as you don’t get involved in heated conversations. Let your usual good judgment prevail. Your attention to detail and knack for planning ahead will see you through any unpredictable days.

Dissension fills the air if you’re involved in relationships, particularly those related to romance or business. Try to put yourself in the other person’s shoes and let kindness be your mantra over the days ahead. Words can be hurtful now, especially as misunderstandings could cause frustration and anger to build. At the heart of this may be a need for a revolution in the way you relate. This isn’t going to happen overnight, so it’s best to keep things upbeat so that conversation can continue.

The time is right to take a new approach toward health. Begin a diet, add some daily exercise, or give up a bad habit. However, what transpires this week may need a more radical decision. Perhaps it’s time to leave your current situation and find an assignment better suited to your talents and capacities. Ideally, you’ll want something exciting in which you get to be the boss and call the shots. It’s possible if you’re willing to push for it.

When it comes to your values, you might need to adopt a traditional approach, despite your outgoing, adventure-loving, and wild ways, which could cause conflict this week. A need for security despite a desire for romance, fun, and thrills might cause you to stop and think. You might want to check your priorities, too. The current setup hints that this isn’t the time to throw caution to the wind. Evoke balance so you get the best of both worlds

Issues associated with home and family could be aired. An intense blend of energies may stir up issues on the domestic front, perhaps encouraging you to take action. The truth is that it may be long overdue anyway. Don’t rush into making decisions if you feel frustrated or tired. Wait until things calm down a little, which will happen by the end of the week. Mercury’s movement into Taurus might help you come up with a few practical, creative solutions.

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  1. The horoscopes are pretty accurate and people need to realize that sun sign is just not the only thing to consider while looking for predictions. Ascendant and moon sign are equally important. If you analyze your horoscope for all three signs then you will get it right.

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