Horoscopes for the Week of March 20th-27th

Madam Shawcroft
The Paw Print

It’s full speed ahead where money-related interests are concerned. There’s no getting around responsibilities and obligations, but by facing them head-on and setting limits, you can still have time for socializing. The one thing to avoid is losing control of your finances. Later, communication issues come into focus, so you might be eager to explore potentials for writing, studying, or perhaps developing an online business. If you’re shopping over the weekend, enjoy your purchases, but keep receipts in case of problems.

If something goes wrong, it could be hard to put your finger on the cause. You might need feedback from a supportive friend to give you confidence. Although you’re very much in tune with your sixth sense, you could doubt yourself. That’s when a heart-to-heart talk can help you realize you’ve been on the right track all along. Finances and shopping may appeal on Thursday. Opt for a romantic date night this weekend. A meal or movie – whatever turns you on!

It’s that time of year when it’s good to relax and recharge. Use this opportunity to tune into your heart’s desire and tune out the world’s distractions. As Mercury moves into Pisces you’ll be more in touch with your intuition, bringing guidance when you need it most. The Sun enters your sign on Thursday, putting you back in control and giving you an energy boost in the process. You’ll need to take care on Saturday, however, as mixed signals could abound!

Socially, you seem to have a winning ticket, connecting you with interesting folks. Artists, bohemians, and actors could be a part of your group, and they’re likely teaching you how to relax. Be alert on Tuesday, as an intuitive impulse could help you make progress with a career move or meaningful goal. On Thursday take time out to reflect on the past year and what’s coming up for you in the future. The weekend could be very romantic, so be ready!

Career matters may benefit from clarity. It might help to list your main goals and plans once Mercury moves into Pisces. Get feedback where necessary. You may lose momentum if you give in to the tendency to drift. Your intuitive impulses can help save you time and resources if you pay attention. Social opportunities are enhanced once the Sun moves to Aries on Thursday. You’ll benefit from getting out and networking. Romantic impulses could be linked with a professional bond over the weekend.

The desire to explore new options, travel, study, and experience other countries and cultures could lead you to interesting territory. You might find you’re eager to read about spiritual, mystical, and New Age topics that inspire self-development and personal awareness. There’s also a career focus indicating you might be eager to strike out on your own and try something different. A step-by-step approach that incorporates new perspectives into your current plan might help you feel more secure.

Don’t be so serious that you forget how playful your true nature can be when encouraged. If you’ve had a lot of responsibilities to contend with lately, it might be time to relax and seek some entertainment. Once the Sun moves into Aries you could be kicking up your heels in anticipation of travel adventures and other opportunities to explore. A sensitive mood on Sunday could connect you with someone on a heart-to-heart basis.

Active influences can make for a fun and memorable time, so find something to celebrate this week. A focus on relationships suggests that being a team player could be more useful than working alone. A romantic bond could deepen as Mercury glides into Pisces. Empathy helps you tune in more easily. From Thursday you may be inspired to take a closer look at joint finances. Consider any innovative ideas that can improve your situation. Allow your imagination free rein on Sunday!

Your involvement with other people, especially a romantic partner, may involve faith and a bit of work. You could be inspired to get a fresh perspective on such matters, which is probably a good thing. Consider healthy options, too, as Mercury strolls into Pisces. Read up on the latest diets and health news, or consider tweaking your own wellness routine for that feel-good factor. Better still, opt for a spa day on the weekend and enjoy a little pampering. You deserve it!

Shine in communication matters and creativity! Your words have weight, making it possible for you to be convincing. It’s time to let your ideas be known to the right people. Work and lifestyle matters get a boost as the Sun moves into Aries, encouraging you to put your best foot forward. If you’re getting into a new health routine, try not to burn yourself out. Start slowly and build up to the required level of fitness. The weekend could be perfect for a sexy date night!

A stimulating trend could signal a fresh approach to domestic affairs. Innovative thinking can bring the answers you need along with practical results. If you have to research answers, you’ll likely come up with a range of effective possibilities. Your romance sector benefits from the lively presence of the Sun as of Thursday, encouraging you to consider the potential for a love adventure. If you’re entertaining at home over the weekend, you’re in for a fabulous time with your extended family.

An act of kindness could cement a friendship. It might also be a good idea to be kind to yourself, especially if you’ve been working extra hard. This might be a week to pamper yourself with a spa treatment or perhaps a movie. Chances are good you’ve been busy and perhaps don’t have too much to show for it right now. If so, time with friends, a chance to relax, and the opportunity to put things in perspective could help you feel much better.

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