Horoscopes for the Week of January 23rd-29th

Madam Shawcroft
The Paw Print

Watch out for health issues midweek, around the time of the Full Moon in your wellness zone. It might be a good idea to lighten your schedule, if possible, to allow yourself a chance to relax. You’re still in a natural phase when you may want to retreat, so go for it. By the weekend you could be firing on all cylinders once again. Plus, you may have an enthusiastic desire to get ahead with projects that have been on the backburner.

Romantic opportunities are highlighted this week. They may have a delightful quality as the Full Moon in your love affairs sector works a little magic on your behalf. Feelings could be intense, especially midweek, so think carefully before making out with someone, especially if there’s a chance you might regret it later. Consider the consequences! Come the weekend, you could be in a mellow mood and ready to kick back and relax after many weeks of seasonal fun.
You may need to batten down the emotional hatches, as a Full Moon in Cancer could bring feelings to the surface midweek. It can be a good time to release hurts feelings, but not so good for making important decisions. You might be in a reactive frame of mind, so wait a few days. A relationship may also need careful handling around this time in order to avoid a conflict of interests. Gadgets may inspire you, or you may find a worthwhile cause appealing.

A Full Moon in Cancer suggests that your emotions could override logic midweek. Try to avoid tantrums – yours or those of other people – and allow time for things settle before choosing a plan of action. You and a partner may not see eye to eye on a key issue. However, an attempt to compromise may help things along. A focus on your career sector brings opportunities to think outside the box concerning a goal or project. A cutting-edge approach may be your best bet.

Finances might need a rational approach, as the Full Moon could coincide with an emotional reaction to a perceived problem. On the other hand, if you’re feeling insecure, you could decide to go on a spending binge, which won’t help matters either. Thankfully, you’re likely to feel in your element once the Sun joins Mercury in Aquarius, encouraging you to expand your options and take on a challenge that could involve a pleasant learning curve. Travel may also be on your mind, especially a bargain break!

A Full Moon in your sign could mean you’re quite emotional around midweek, so be prepared for movies, music, and the people around you to make you more weepy than usual. There might also be a disagreement between you and another, or even a heightened sense of lust on Thursday. Either way, it might be good for you to let go and share! Toward the end of the week you may find it easier to detach and see things from a more easygoing perspective.

A dynamic aspect pattern could bring certain tensions into the open, fueled by the power of the Full Moon. If you feel tired and in need of a break, take one and let yourself chill! However, a lively aspect could indicate a developing social scene later, such as a surprise invitation or meeting someone who sparks your curiosity. You may have more success when you work with a partner or on a team once the Sun moves into Aquarius on Sunday.

You may feel like holding an impromptu party, as the Full Moon in your social zone could set the needle on the social meter higher than usual. Watch out for a spat with a friend – midweek may not be the best time to have words. Health matters come into focus, too, so you might feel like exploring a few alternative remedies or therapies to help keep you in tip-top shape. Cutting-edge ideas may help you get ahead at work.
You may notice tension building, which could set you on edge. However, a powerful influence midweek could be the trigger that encourages you to share your feelings, whether it’s appropriate or not. Take it easy and try not to overreact if you can help it. You may be more in your element later as the focus on Aquarius and your romance zone increases. Expect a potential meeting out of the blue and the chance to connect with someone who may be on your wavelength.

Get ready for a feeling fest as a Full Moon in Cancer on Wednesday could highlight emotions that may have been suppressed. If you feel rather weepy around this time, it might help to let go and let it flow. You might feel much better as result. You may also feel like escaping to somewhere peaceful and emotionally nurturing, so a short break might meet your needs perfectly. Plus, a focus on your home zone could provide the perfect retreat, offering a chance to relax and recharge.

As Mars continues through your social zone, you may be getting into the networking habit and enjoying mingling with old and new friends. However, certain tensions may culminate at the Full Moon midweek, which could highlight a personal issue. It may bring relief and release to talk things over with someone. When the Sun moves into Aquarius, you might have more involvement with computers or gadgets, especially if there’s an opportunity for a bargain in the post-holiday sales.

Venus continues to be retrograde, which could be causing some discomfort in key relationships. However, any insights you get at this time may be a useful guide for what to expect in the future. Watch out for the Full Moon midweek, as it could coincide with intense feelings. Try not to overreact or do anything on the spur of the moment, as you may regret it further down the line. You might find that some retail therapy helps you feel a lot better.


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