Horoscopes for the Week of February 27th-March 5

Madam Shawcroft
The Paw Print

Mercury forges ahead in your sign as of this week, bringing an opportunity to start projects that had been put on hold. Saturn, your co-ruler, turns retrograde along with Mars, so issues associated with goals and career matters could go through a more trying phase, as could plans to travel or study. Although patience may be needed over the weeks and months ahead, you’ll find that events help to get you back on track and motivate you to try harder.
A New Moon in Pisces brings an opportunity to take things to a new level in key areas of your life. To support this, Mercury pushes ahead and puts you more deeply in touch with your intuition. Listening to it could be crucial to your success. However, both Mars and Saturn turn retrograde this week. You might need some reorganization of joint financial matters, and there could be changes to your social setup. However, you may benefit greatly in the long term.
Change is certainly in the air this week, meaning you might be inspired to blast through limitations and forge ahead with an idea that seems to offer personal fulfillment. Mercury turns direct, so frustration with some aspects of your life may begin to melt away. However, the big news is that Mars, your personal planet, will turn retrograde on Saturday for a number of weeks. Relationships and plans involving others could be put on hold for a while as you assess their credibility.
Mercury forges ahead as Mars and Saturn enter their retrograde phases. This may affect work, lifestyle, and relationship matters as you could find yourself at an impasse. You could become more aware of your limits regarding health and general energy level as Mars rewinds, which might cause you to make your schedule more manageable. In relationships, certain folks might seem quite unapproachable. What you do about this depends on your situation, but there could be some trying times as well as opportunities for healing.
You could start firing on all cylinders this week when Mercury pushes ahead, paving the way for greater progress and better communication. Yet despite this, you could encounter delays in other areas as Mars rewinds in your creative and romance sector. If a relationship seems to be going through a cooling phase, this could be a sign that you need to take things more slowly and consider your options. Regarding health, try not to take on too much. Avoid stress if you can.
Early this week you may be eager to push ahead with an idea that seems to offer you more freedom of expression. However, it might be wise slow down and consider your options. Fortunately, Mercury turns direct, so certain frustrations associated with joint finances may begin to ease. But Mars and Saturn both turn retrograde this week, bringing a chance to reflect on romance and home and family matters. Insights could inspire changes in both areas.
If change seems like the only way to break out of a difficult situation, you might be tempted to try it this week. However, a plan that offers a step-by-step method for getting ahead could be your best bet at this moment. In the meantime, both Mars and Saturn enter their retrograde phases this week, so communication and home matters could experience delays. The New Moon in Pisces suggests that you now have the perfect opportunity to reveal a secret.
Good news as Mercury forges ahead this week, enhancing your rate of progress. There’s also a chance you’ll want to take a romantic or financial risk. In either case, current influences suggest that you hold your horses because you’ll need to contend with both Mars and Saturn turning retrograde. Expect a monkey wrench in the works! A delightful New Moon in Pisces brings an opportunity to take a relationship to a new level of commitment – and perhaps fun!
You can’t always have it your way, as this week goes to show. Just as Mercury pushes ahead in your romance sector and brings a chance to make headway with a budding relationship, Mars turns retrograde in your sign. You could be questioning yourself and your motives over the coming weeks, so perhaps it isn’t the best time to forge ahead with a personal plan. Saturn also rewinds at the same time, which might mean handling finances and resources with extra care.
You may have accomplished a lot due to Saturn’s presence in your sign, so it might be time for a breather. As Saturn rewinds this week, you’re entering a period in which confidence could turn to uncertainty. In reflecting on your motives and direction in life, it’s possible you’ll find what you’ve been looking for all along. Plus, this week’s New Moon in Pisces could signal a positive start to a lovely romance. This is the time to go for it!
As Mercury hikes onward, delayed plans can now get moving. You could go through a minor crisis in your social life when Mars turns retrograde this week. Perhaps you’ll want to move in new circles and develop fresh connections with folks who inspire and motivate you. There is also a promise of change on the home front as a New Moon in Pisces could be helpful for coming to grips with any domestic plans and projects, or even a touch of spring cleaning.
Finances might look perkier when Mercury moves forward and helps melt frustration associated with recent delays. Saturn, your personal planet, turns retrograde later this week, and stays so for months to come. This could be a time of self-examination, when you explore choices with a view toward restructuring aspects of your life, where necessary. As Mars also retrogrades, career matters or important goals will need reexamination. In the end, however, you’ll find any pruning and removing actually encourage more growth.

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