Horoscopes for the Week of Feb. 13th-19th

Madam Shawcroft
The Paw Print

You’ll be at your best during this period. You’ll find it easy to work at a steady pace and make slow but significant progress. The energy is powerful and supportive for anything you want to do to improve your work situation and career prospects. Expect a few delays. Aspects could spark confusion and mechanical breakdowns. Allow plenty of time for any task. The cosmos brings an unsettled emotional energy at work.

Your best progress now will be through creating pleasant working relationships. You may have the opportunity to use your natural diplomacy to settle problems with co-workers or customers. This is an ideal time to show your organizational skills. Aspects can bring a powerful time when you may again feel you’re part of a transformation that’s beyond your control. A very difficult situation could at last show signs of change.

There could be struggles over who is boss now. You’re likely to be having conflicts with others even if you don’t show that you are. This is an important time to go slowly and recheck your work. Rushing ahead is likely to work against your best interests. This period could bring challenges from people who feel strongly about doing things one way. An apparent roadblock could mean a breakthrough if you surrender.

Emotions can run high now. There is likely to be some conflict between innovative people and ideas challenging the “this is the way it has always been done” mentality. This period is fortunate for finding a new job or making important contacts to support your business. The more you can combine practical considerations with clearly explained actions, the more successful you’ll be. You could be busy. Be prepared to work around interruptions.

Anything you’re already working on is going to go well. A slow, systematic approach is best. Keep your sense of humor close to the surface. This will help in any group situation. It will also make you more attractive if you’re looking for work. The cosmos can bring a powerful time when you may again feel you’re part of a revolution that’s out of your control.

Things could slow down now. Communication could be confused, and machines and technology could break down. Allow extra time when planning projects. You may feel a strong need to expand your horizons. This could conflict with some equally strong reasons why it’s better to stick with tradition. You may be coping with some stressed or highly emotional people. Be alert and do your best to listen carefully.

The energy now supports hard work and practical planning. You may find that you’re in a position to witness certain dramas that more strong-willed people simply can’t avoid. Do your best to be sympathetic and supportive to those close to you. You may pick up extra work simply by being at the right place at the right time. Make sure everyone is working with the same expectations and goals.

This could be a particularly positive time for you. Your creative imagination is strong. Visualize the sort of work situation you want and keep knocking on doors to make it happen. This is a period when dreaming big will pay dividends later. Do your homework if you’re looking for a job. There are opportunities in green technologies that you may not have considered before. This is also a lucky time to get more education.

This period begins with some built-in stress. You might find yourself pulled in several directions at once. This could also bring frustrations or frustrated people. Be patient and as kind as possible. There are some opportunities to make practical decisions that will help you build a better career foundation. The cosmos brings luck to a job interview or any new start where skill, adaptability, and attention to detail are valued

You’ll be most effective if you go with the flow of events. You may be challenged by conflicting or confusing events. Don’t let someone who is particularly critical discourage you. Trust that dreams can come true. The cosmos brings you to a kind of crossroads. It’s important to make choices that support the long-term interests of you and those you love. Don’t beat yourself up if you aren’t perfect.

This is a high-energy time for you. Trust your intuition. Your first impulse will usually be correct. Some people will be operating in a kind of idealistic haze. You may have to keep everyone focused on practical matters. Sharing food with co-workers can improve everyone’s attitude. This time is lucky for making contacts that could help you later. It’s positive for a job interview. Hard work now will be recognized.

This period begins on a strong, positive note. Take action in any area that holds your interest. This is a good time to be on your feet. Accept challenges. Good humor will make you attractive and move things in your favor with co-workers and clients. This is a positive time for researching additional education or training. Be cautious about overconfidence. Avoid promising more than you can deliver. A conservative approach is advised.

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