Horoscopes for the Week of April 3rd – 9th

Madam Shawcroft
The Paw Print

Jupiter forges ahead in your work and lifestyle sector, so use this opportunity to catch up on obligations and finalize deadlines. You might have a chance to close a lucrative deal if you’re willing to study the terms and conditions in detail. Though some of your conversations could be a little confrontational this week, this may be what’s required to get the answers you need. You might have to take in what others say and then draw your own conclusions in private.

Romantic relationships could get a boost in depth and intensity. If single, you could meet someone who won’t take no for an answer. Regardless, it might be easier and more fun to give in and enjoy the experience. Finances could be at the heart of any discontent, especially if they’re reaching a critical phase. Chasing radical solutions and implementing them can help you regain a sense of normalcy. Use the New Moon in Aries to take the first steps to greater security.

Among any problems that surface could be a home-versus-work dilemma, but knowing what to do about this could elude you. Perhaps you feel pulled in a number of directions, causing you to question your priorities. The Sun in your sign provides an opportunity to make a fresh start. Spend some time mulling over what’s best and get feedback if necessary. Once you have some answers you can time your first baby steps to coincide with Sunday’s New Moon.

It can be hard to stick to a peaceful agenda when disruptions keep popping up, especially if you have a full to-do list anyway. Conversations may hold the key to your problem over the coming days. Chatting with friends (especially those with experience in your issues) could prove therapeutic and fortunate. Work and career matters may benefit from social interactions that bring new and exciting possibilities. Later, a New Moon may hold the key to spiritual awareness.

Mercury’s presence in Pisces could bring all kinds of connections, as well as visionary ideas and spontaneous opportunities. Conversations can be the catalyst for positive progress, especially if you feel moved to share ideas. A decision may be required on Thursday, encouraging you to research your options and look more deeply into the situation at hand. Socially, things look very positive and upbeat, with a chance to mingle with some movers and shakers. Sunday’s New Moon could boost your networking plans.

Career matters and associated efforts can proceed well as long as you’re willing to put up with one or two disruptions. It’s important to let your individuality shine, so don’t be afraid to try something different, even if those closest to you disagree. If your interests take you in too many directions, you could be criticized for lacking focus. Make “balance” your mantra. Later, a learning opportunity could seem just perfect for you. In fact, pursuing it could bring satisfaction.

There’s a lot of energy in the air and it might feel like turmoil part of the time. Perhaps your self-confidence is being challenged, too. However, no matter how restless or edgy this feels, it could pave the way for exciting and exhilarating options. In this instance, stepping outside your comfort zone might be the way to go. A New Moon in Aries on Sunday may confirm your feelings, inspiring you to take a step in a new direction. It could be just what you need.

Your zone of shared assets is in focus rather dramatically, which suggests you might be on the verge of taking a financial risk. Even though common sense will likely register in your mind, a spontaneous decision could cause a U-turn. Make use of the New Moon over the weekend to intensify your resolve where money matters are concerned. If you’re prepared to make a few changes, this could be an opportunity to get things off on the right foot.

Romantic opportunities show up as Venus sashays through Aquarius. You could be at your flirtatious best, especially later when an instant attraction registers on your radar. This is a good time to experiment with dating options and lighthearted and easygoing relationships. You’re learning what suits you and what doesn’t in this regard. Health and wellness issues are also in focus, encouraging regular routines for a fit and toned physique. Later, a New Moon in Aries could bring a turnaround in a key relationship.

Chances are good you’re not too eager to spend time with a whole lot of people, particularly if trust is an issue. However, there are aspects this week that have a lovely romantic vibration. Someone’s warm and open personality might entice you to drop your guard when Mercury glides into Pisces. A focus on the element of water suggests this link could have soul-mate potential. Later, a New Moon hints that it’s worthwhile looking after your health. Make your routines regular rather than sporadic for greater progress.

Keeping plans flexible can allow you to adapt more easily to unexpected disruptions. A change that’s foisted upon you could turn out to be beneficial. Communications could go awry, especially concerning family members on the home front. Make sure your words convey your true meaning, especially if an important decision needs to be made. Later, you’ll be heading out for some fun and a chance to relax. Romance or even a full-blown love adventure could find its way onto your agenda.

With Mars currently retrograde, personal or business relationships can get complicated. Try to give others space, but not to the point that you break the lines of communication. It helps to keep talking while being aware of other people’s limits and boundaries. An edgy energy at home could call for a make-or-break decision. What’s most important is that any changes you consider work for everyone. The New Moon on Sunday could act as a catalyst to better times ahead.

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