Horoscopes for the Week of April 24th-50th

Madam Shawcroft
The Paw Print

Though bright ideas can dominate, you could sufferrom overthinking, which might give you a headache. However, it’s only natural if you’re searching for an answer and determined to leave no stone unturned. Later, things could become even more intense, causing you to seek instant solutions. Though the current lineup might goad you into making a move, planning ahead might be your best bet. Get in touch with your soul stirrings and determine what you really want and then go for that.
Decisions may be needed where finances are concerned. Try not to do anything in haste that might cause regret later. Tempting though it may be to take a risk, your best bet may be slow but steady changes. Perhaps it’s worth getting in touch with a financial adviser who can suggest a plan. On another note, romantic options positively glow. Long-term relationships scintillate with sweetness, while a new romance could hit the road running, especially an instant attraction!
This looks to be an exciting, if edgy, week in which a lot can happen. You might feel the need for change so acutely that you’re stumped as to which option to take. If you find your mind working overtime and thoughts continually buzzing around in your head, try to slow down, get still, and make a space for your intuition to enter, which might be easier once the Sun enters Taurus. Avoid impulsive options, but do plan ahead for your dreams to come true.
A lot seems to be going on beneath the surface, which might temporarily shatter your calm demeanor. What this might feel like is an impending birth – like an idea or even your destiny is about to make an entrance. If so, it helps to follow your instincts and go with the flow. It’s not a good idea to try to push the river, but allow things to develop as they will. Resist the urge to hurry. Rely on your earthy sense of timing.
Your social life could play a big part in a decision to break free of routines and limitations. The idea of greater liberty and a chance to live your life on your terms might seem very appealing. Yet this week’s Grand Cross hints that it may not be as simple as this. You still need to factor other people into the equation, which means you’ll also have to compromise where necessary. However, one scintillating option may seem too good to pass up.
This week you’re not so much dancing to your own tune as weaving a tapestry that includes the voices of friends, family, partner, and perhaps children in the mix. If you decide to aim high and say goodbye to fear, you’ll carry your connections with you on your journey. This week the dream you’ve been nurturing may make demands on your time, which means it’s beginning to flower. Allow those who are a part of your life to be your biggest support team in the process.
Though you may feel like heading off into the blue and enjoying new sights and sounds, it might be a good idea to hold back for now. The movement of the Sun into Taurus suggests that an opportunity to stabilize your career may show up for you soon. Though you’ve likely had enough of routine, it might seem more palatable if there’s a good reason to stick with it. For instance, the financial resources might be there as a result, so you can totally enjoy life to the max.
You might want to play for higher stakes as bold aspects urge you to throw caution to the wind and venture into the unknown. You might also be aware of the work you’ve done and the connections you’ve developed and feel reluctant to let go. The good news is that there’s no need to. Fresh ideas and perspectives might include ways to enhance the life you have by adding exciting elements rather than abandoning it altogether. Romantic delights await you on Thursday and Friday
Conversations may be a little confrontational early in the week. In particular, relationships need careful handling, as the potential for a spat may be high. One way to minimize the fallout might be to take the lead in bringing about the changes you’d like to see. These might include an important goal or career move that you’re unwilling to sacrifice for someone else’s sake. It’s time to reflect on your priorities, and once you’re clear there may be no going back.
Pluto turns retrograde in your communication sector on Monday, and will remain so for a number of months. You might find that your thinking processes intensify as a result, but you’ll also get a chance to release older mental patterns for newer, more life-enhancing ones. On another note, this might be the week you decide to become a freelancer, if the thought of too much routine seems soul destroying. Another way to offset this may be to find ways to add more excitement and adventure.
Love affairs, flirting, and pleasure could be on your mind. You’ll seek the extraordinary along with delightful adventures. This could be a time of heady instant attraction and wild temptation to which you might want to surrender. There’s a homey vibe showing up, too, which might coincide with a fun family get-together. You may have a financial tussle on your hands, too. “To buy or not to buy,” that is the question! Perhaps your conscience has the answer.
Perhaps a move is in the cards, or you’re thinking about one. The focus on home and family matters could include relocating to somewhere more suited to your needs. On another note, there may be ongoing tension that requires a quick solution so you can relax and finally enjoy that peace and calm you crave. As the Sun eases into Taurus, you’ll benefit from some rest and relaxation. A chance to do something fun could take your mind off of those pressing issues.

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