Holiday Travel Tips to Get You Home Happy and Safe

Ali Rivera 

The Paw Print

The semester is almost up, which means there are going to be a lot of you traveling home, or going on a trip, etc. Here are some tips to help you before and throughout your journeys.

Make a checklist! Before you start packing you want to make a checklist. This checklist consists of what clothes you want to wear suitable for the weather conditions, shoes, passport, toiletries, etc. Having a checklist and checking it twice will benefit you to not forget anything you need.

Check the weather! Before you go on you journey, you have to make sure the weather conditions are up to expectation. Make sure there is not a storm coming just in case you have to make other arrangements.

Plan ahead! Having a plan always works! If you plan your trip ahead of time then you know exactly how things should go!

Bring snacks! If you’re on a long car ride or even going on an airplane, you know the journey can be long… however bringing snacks will help you save money along with crunch your hunger throughout your journey.

Download some new music! Once again when traveling you have a lot of wait time… which means nothing to do but sit and wait… yet if you download some new music to your iPod or mp3, you will have some new cool jams to get you through those long waiting times

Be prepared to change plans! Even if you plan ahead, situations come up… which means you have to change plans. Always be prepared to change plans; it can be because of weather or road conditions etc.

Leave an extra hour early! According to your plans you want to leave at a certain time. However, what if something came up such as car accident on the road? Well if you leave an hour earlier then you have planned then that will give you time frame to make it to your destination on time without sitting through traffic.

Pack a jacket! When driving or traveling on a plane you never know what could happen. The weather can change you can get stuck somewhere, etc. Bring a jacket just in case weather conditions change just ds you can keep yourself warm.

Turn your phone into a travel tool. Smart phones have come a long way! They give you all sorts of apps to make sure you get the information you need. When traveling, turn your phone into a travel tool so you can get all the information you need such as check the weather road conditions or see if your flight could be delayed. Your smart phones could be a great resource to you while traveling.

Think about Gifts! When returning home for Christmas you want to bring home gifts and cool new things for the family. However if you’re traveling far or even on an airplane, you should make sure that you don’t bring to much big bulky stuff to carry. Maybe consider gift cards? Because it can become annoying and a lot of work to carry around extra luggage and also air ports tend to charge for extra luggage. is powered by WordPress µ | Spam prevention powered by Akismet