Halloween Fun: Loft and Faculty Drive Parties

Ryan Dufresne
The Paw Print

Halloween, for many, is a time to celebrate and have fun. The Loft in the Student Union Building conducted a Halloween party. Coordinators, Brandi Gaherty, Connor Gifford, and Sarah Krupski helped to make the event run smoothly. The festivities included during the party were the pumpkin painting and donut eating on a string as well as free food.
With the pumpkin painting students could paint a pumpkin to keep for themselves. Area children also made their way to the loft to paint pumpkins.
The main event of the evening was the donut eating contest where the participants had to eat a donut that is on a string without using their hands at all. During this activity, there were two rounds. The first round consisted of a first place and a second place winner. The first place winner was Deacon Aspinwall and the second place winner was Shuvon Timothy.
The second round of this event consisted of a first place and a second place winner. The first place winner was Shuvon Timothy and the second place winner was Raul Sanchez.
The first place winners were awarded an Adams State water bottle for their accomplishment. Children also participated in this event.
During this whole event, over 64 people were in attendance and all the attendees had a wonderful time and left with food in their stomach. The food was Halloween based with caramel apple dipping. With the caramel apple dipping, all of the apples were gone and everyone had a fun time dipping them.
After the Loft Halloween party, there was a party for the Faculty Drive families. Parties are held every month in the loft for the parents to have fun with their kids in a safe environment. Families of Faculty Drive can look for posting around the Drive. There were 5 families at the party on October 28. Usually, they have around 30 families in attendance. There are food, games, and crafts for the kids and the parents who show up.

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