GRZ-TV Brings Film Education to Adams State College

Toni Steffens-Steward
The Paw Print


GRZ-TV is a student run media organization for the students at Adams State College. It is broadcast on the campus cable channel 5 with original student-produced content. Content is also available on the GVP YouTube channel from a keyword search for grizzly video productions.
Suzanne Greenwood, the 2011-12 general manager for GRZ-TV says that the goal of the film program is to “empower ASC students through the use of video as a form of communication and a media tool.” The organization is available to help students find their own voice through video, what she describes as, “the new frontier.”
They will help students to learn how to format videos for television, and said that anyone can upload any kind of videos to YouTube, but that the training students can receive will help them to produce video for television. Students will also learn ho to integrate television and YouTube and see how that influences the culture on campus. Students now have the opportunity to watch videos and shows create by ASC students on channel 5 and offer immediate feedback that will help GRZ-TV to become a better station that meets the needs of its viewers.
Greenwood said “At GVP students will also be encouraged to explore the unlimited possibilities of how the other forms of media available at ASC, newspaper, radio and literary magazine can be integrated with video and TV.”
She believes that this will help students to have a better understanding of “how all forms of media can work together,” once they leave Adams State.
Currently GVP is working on several television shows including “Question of the Week,” “AdamsLove” (a dating/reality TV show), “ASC Sports Talk,” “ASC in Focus,” and “Bear Talk: A Student Perspective” They are also looking for students with ideas for new TV shows and students who would like to become more involved with GRZ-TV. They encourage anyone interested in helping to produce a TV show or anyone with any ideas for new shows to email Greenwood at Those who already have the skills, but need access to equipment may check out equipment at the Haynie Center. Those who are just beginning and want to learn more ma take one of the courses offered through the Mass Communication class JOUR 179/370 Digital Filmmaking, which will be offered this summer, or JOUR 179/379 Video Practicum, which will be offered next fall.
If students are not interested in filming and editing, but they would like to be involved with the new television station, there may still be opportunities for them such as, hosting a TV show, helping with networking, interviewing, social media. promotions and sales. is powered by WordPress µ | Spam prevention powered by Akismet