Grizzly Testing and Learning Center Services

Toni Ortivez
The Paw Print

Adams State provides many opportunities for student to succeed in their college endeavors. Through the funding of the Title V grant, these opportunities have increased to include the development and implementation of the Student Success Center, acquisition of instructional and assistive technology, implementation for faculty development, and a number of staff positions to support student learning. One such position is that of the Tutoring Coordinator at Grizzly Testing and Learning Center (GTLC).

Tanya Martin was hired for the position of the Tutoring Coordinator in spring of 2011 and continues to support student endeavors through GTLC. Through this position, Martin and Diego Trujillo are dedicated to ensuring that the GTLC provides support services to on-campus students, as well as assisting in on-campus student engagement workshops. Trujillo says, “This program would not be what it is without the help of student staff and the support of ASC faculty and staff.”

Photo by Toni Ortivez: Picture of students in the Testing and Learning Center

The Grizzly Testing and Learning Center provides a service for all on-campus students through learning support services inclusive of tutoring. It provides tutoring for on-campus classes with additional support through supplemental instruction (SI) and peer assisted study sessions (PASS). Individual tutoring sessions are usually once a week for an hour for each subject, with the possibility of additional times. Peer tutors who have excelled in the coursework and have been recommended by professors lead these sessions.
Supplemental Instruction is an academic assistance program that utilizes a peer assisted study session model. SI leaders have completed coursework, but attend for a second time, participating in lecture and act as a model student while holding weekly sessions to engage students in content specific coursework. Peer Assisted Study Sessions are academic assistance programs that are led by scholars within the current coursework and are working towards course completion.
The GTLC is always looking for more peer tutors for all coursework. If you are interested in gaining experience in tutoring and leadership, please apply alongside a professor recommendation and contact the GTLC for more information on the hiring process. Please express your interest in this opportunity as soon as possible because the planning for training sessions scheduled for the fall semester will begin at the end of this semester.
Additionally, the GTLC provides a number of other services aside from tutoring and learning support. They provide a comfortable and distraction reduced testing environment to complete on-campus exams, proctor distance learning exams, and administer the Accuplacer for math, reading, and writing placement testing. They have also recently been charged with administering the Technology Proficiency Exam on an individual basis for students wishing to test out of BUS 120 or CSCI 100.
Any questions about tutoring, testing, or testing accommodations can be directed to the Grizzly Testing and Learning Center is located on the second floor of the Nielsen Library or please visit for more information on the services provided. They can also be contacted by phone at 587-8189 or by email at is powered by WordPress µ | Spam prevention powered by Akismet