Grizzlies Advice by Mr. Optimist

I need some help, there is nothing to do around this town. Can you give me some ideas, maybe even in the romantic date department?

~Bored Romantic

Dear Bored Romantic,

Although this town may seem like a complete bore, there are still numerous things to do around this town. You just have to do some research and be creative. Now it’s getting to be a little chilly so being inside would probably be the smartest idea. Some things that you can go out for would be bowling (I would recommend Wednesday nights 1$ shoes and games), enjoying a cup of coffee at Cozy Cafe or Milagros, watch a movie at the cinema, also GAB and RA’s have events that happen throughout the school year that are pretty fun, or if you bundle up there is an ice skating rink up near Carroll Park. Now if you don’t want to go out and spend money there is always staying in. Make dinner with your significant other (even if you are in the dorms there is a kitchen in Girault lobby), play board games (can easily be found at Walmart for around 15$) or video games, or watch movies from Netflix or rent from Redbox. Best of luck and have fun.

~Mr. Optimist


I’m having problems with getting schoolwork done, do you have any study tips?

~Struggling Procrastinator

Dear Struggling Procrastinator,

I would say to set aside at least 30 minutes to an hour a day just to study. Get away from all distractions and find a quiet place to study like the library or wherever you feel comfortable. If you learn well with others, contact students from your classes to start a study group to meet a few times a week. Also, taking from your name, I would say during your study sessions to work on projects a little at a time and not just wait till the last second to work on it.

~Mr. Optimist


I’m in a relationship, but the problem is that my girlfriend hangs around a LOT of guys and is always texting them. I trust her but I don’t trust the guys she’s with; they are always hitting on her. Do you have any advice?

~Concerned Lover

Dear Concerned Lover,

The important thing is to keep a line of communication open between you and your girlfriend. Tell her your concerns about this but don’t come across as untrusting and accusatory. State reasons why you feel uncomfortable and come to a reasonable compromise to how to deal with situations. You can even ask her to tell her friends who are stepping over the boundaries to politely stop and desist and remind them that they are just friends and that she has you as a boyfriend.

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