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Hey Mr. Optimist,

I am straight up having problems with this guy. We met and hung out and things seemed like they were going well. However, now communication between us is limited, almost non-existent, and I can’t help but think I did something wrong. How do I go about dealing with this situation and/or confronting him about it?


Discontent Damsel

Dear Discontent Damsel,

Guys have a problem with communicating in general, but this is also just an excuse for lack of terms. Guys sometimes just can’t take the effort to communicate to others in the way they should, or they are just being jerks. My advice is to tell him straight out what he has been doing and how it has been making you feel. If he answers back, trying to make things change, then I would say give him one more chance, but if he continues to be non-responsive. Don’t worry about him. If he can’t even take the time out of his schedule just to send a simple hi and have a conversation, then he’s not worth your time. ~Mr. Optimist


Dear Mr. Optimist, 

My boyfriend and I have been together for a while now. He wants to move in with me after graduation. Is there anything I should keep in mind?


Curious Possible Roommate

Dear Curious Possible Roommate, 

This always is a tricky situation to deal with. The nice thing is that if it is someone you really like then you get to be together, but here is the cautionary part of this. You are together all the time. I mean you are living with them, and you will find out about stuff that you probably never knew about them, and not all of it will be good. He might have a weird habit before he goes to bed or bad habit of being uncleanly. The main thing is if you do move in together try to be understanding of the other and if you have a problem, talk it out as always, communication is always key to a relationship. The thing I would suggest before moving in is to talk about certain things like if you will have steady jobs, will you both be able to afford rent together, where exactly would you want to live, etc. Moving in is a really big step, but if you talk it out and you feel like it will work out then all I can say is good luck to your next big step in your relationship.

~Mr. Optimist

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