Former Hewlett Packard CEO Runs For President

Steven Petrov

The Paw Print

The former CEO of HP, Carly Fiorina, officially announced on Sunday March 29th, that there is a high probability for her to run for president in the upcoming elections next year. The huge international news company, Reuters, presented the news regarding this new potential candidate. Fiorina is currently in active negotiations with some potential sponsors of her campaign and is also focused on gathering a well-prepared team.

Carly Fiorina was the leader of the huge international corporation of HP from 1999 to 2005 and was considered one of the most powerful and influential women in the US business world. Under her management and leadership “HP” experienced solid and consistent growth, slowly increasing its market share in the personal computers industry. Carly Fiorina came up with the idea of the acquisition of the rival company “Compaq” and successfully completed it in 2001. This established “HP” as the world’s largest personal computers manufacturer.

In 2008, Fiorina was an economic advisor of the Republican presidential candidate, John McCain, offering her rich experience and high level of expertise in international economics and strategic management decisions. In 2010 she lost the Congress elections for senator from California, to the democratic candidate Barbara Boxer.

The Republican Party has already managed to raise its first officially announced candidate for the upcoming US presidential elections in 2016, in the face of the Texas Senator, Ted Cruz. Political analysts expect that at least 10 more famous Republicans will join the group in the upcoming weeks. Some names that have been speculated are the Florida’s Senator, Marco Rubio; the former governor of Florida, Jeb Bush, who is also a brother of the former US President, George W. Bush Jr.; the governor of New Jersey, Chris Christie; the Senator from Kentucky, Rand Paul; and the governor of Wisconsin, Scott Walker.

The most probable candidates of the Democratic Party will be the former Secretary of State and former First lady of USA, Hilary Clinton, and the Vice-President, Joseph Biden. However, they have still not confirmed their participation in the presidential elections campaign. As we know the current US President, Barrack Obama, is about to conclude his 2nd mandate in office and the US Constitution forbids for a president to be in office for more than 2 terms.

A potential campaign raised by Carly Fiorina will definitely be an interesting alternative and will give the Republicans’ “response” to the Democratic Party female candidate, Hilary Clinton. The Republicans currently dominate the Senate and Congress, and with the “lame-duck” Democratic President, Barrack Obama, they will do their best to give the Republican supporters as many candidate alternatives as they could in order to support their decisiveness to win the 2016 US Presidential elections. is powered by WordPress µ | Spam prevention powered by Akismet