Fate Has a Funny Way of Coming True

Samantha Saville
South Coloradan

Brad Kahrs grew up in a small town in Michigan where he ran track and cross country in high school. When Mr. Kahrs was a young runner in high school, not paying much attention to his future and college, Adams State popped up on his radar for its amazing running program. Within the next few years Kahrs noticed Adams State on his radar a lot. When he went to cross country conferences, where he heard speeches from people like Dr. Joe Vigil, who is an amazing coach from Adams State, and from Pat Porter, an Olympic runner that competed for Adams State.

As Kahrs grew up he either wanted to become a teacher and he wanted to have a career in forestry. He was discouraged from both of these options by his high school guidance counselor. Encouraged by his father, he decided to go into business. During his time at Grand Valley State College in Michigan he tried to go into business but was not happy, so he went into teaching. He got his Bachelors degree at Grand Valley State and his Masters degree at Western Michigan. Kahrs is currently working on his E.D.D. from Walden University.

After his schooling Kahrs taught high school in Big Rapids Michigan for 23 years. He then taught middle school for 3 years. Fate however was not done with Kahrs. During his time as a high school teacher Kahrs had one of Dr. Ludwig’s children in his class. This provided an opening to explore working at Adams State College.

When the job opportunity came about to teach at Adams State, Kahrs jumped on the chance.  Because he already knew some of the staff, he got his dream job, even though he didn’t have his full doctorate. Now he works in the Education Department teaching and supervising student teachers.

Kahrs loves working at Adams State because of the sense of community and small class size. He has a wife and three children.  His wife is still living in Delta Colorado with his youngest daughter. His two oldest daughters work for the University of Utah in Salt Lake City, Utah. Kahrs says that Alamosa is “is a great place to be”.

Kahrs is an outdoors man. He still enjoys running and hiking, and in 2001 he was the national snowshoe champion. Kahrs has run over 75,000 miles in lifetime and says, “life is like running; no matter how painful it gets, there are always good miles ahead”.

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