Fantasies and Nightmares

Samantha Saville
The Paw Print

The two plays which ran last week in the Xperimental Theater Sleeping Beauty and Henry Flamethrowa had a very successful turnout.

Sleeping Beauty started off the evening with a laugh. A light comedy about a woman’s daydream, the play almost had the crowd in tears.  The story is about a woman Louise, played by Brittney Chowning, thinking about all the men she could have had if she would have said one word. When her just-fine boyfriend goes to buy paint, her fantasies come to claim her love. Chowning played the perfect leading lady, capturing wonderfully the essence of the sweet and innocent woman who happens to attract a lot of admirers.  All of the characters fit their roles well. The actor who seemed to receive that biggest laugh was Jonathan Andujar playing a man from a bus, Anthony. He captivated the audience with his strong character and funny lines. The lead male Malcolm played by Jacob Sorling stole the show with his nerdy looks and amusing stutter. 

Henry Flamethrowa is a dark, disturbing play which had an amazing lead played by Brad Greening. Greening st the show with his creepy character and dark presence. The show was full of controversial issues that affected the audience in deep ways. This emotional performance was well acted and directed. Greening, as Henry, was a dark character who was both interesting and mysterious. Henry’s character deals with an internal conflict making it easy for Greening to portray his emotional role. Peter, Henry’s father played by Jason Wells, was an interesting portray of a father trying to make the right choice. Wells seemed slightly awkward in his role, which added to his character’s interest. Reporter Beth’s role, played by Kaitlyn Perham, was acted beautifully depicting the innocent but curious reporter with a hidden agenda.

The two one-act plays were presented by the ASC Theatre Department and were written by seniors by Deidre Mark and Amanda Lovitt. is powered by WordPress µ | Spam prevention powered by Akismet